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New Year’s Eve Inspiration

In between Christmas and end of year, the plans for New Year’s Eve celebration is in full force. Here’s what I am thinking for a formal dinner setting Source Cocktails from here Appetizers Recipe for New Year’s Eve Cake I intend to bake Roast beef is on the NYE menu, with my secret recipe rub. But since I cannot share, here’s a recipe close to the one I intend to make. And for new year’s day – a reset might be in order from here. Have a wonderful celebration, stay safe, drink responsibly and enjoy your company 🙂

new years cocktail and an inspiring outfit

I consider New Year’s Eve festivities sexy, as long as it’s done right. With that concept, I have decided to duplicate the following ensemble with a twist of course for this years celebration, since it’s just a less -than-formal get together with close friends: Here’s what I envision instead: With that said, here’s my choice of cocktail for this year’s New Year’s Eve gathering: What’s your plans and do share your cocktail of choice.

new year’s eve 2012 comfortable fashion ensemble

Two things dictated how I wanted to dress for New Year’s Eve this year. Top priority was comfort and the second,  dressy but casual. So I opted for pants, then a simple sequined top, followed by strappy shoes which would give me enough support to last throughout the night and a simple pair of earings to  accessorize. As for the coat, I love fur, faux that is and since this year faux fur is in, I decided to incorporated it into my ensemble from here. 1. DKNYC Sequin Pullover Sweater 69USD 2. Sondra Roberts Clutch – Woven Satin and grosgrain box 125USD 3. Elie Tahari Tara Faux Fur Jacket 221USD 4. Judith Jack Sterling Silver Crystal Earings 75USD 5. Theory Pants Belisa Mandatory Slim 235USD 6. Vince Camuto Strappy evening booties 129USD

post thanksgiving christmas decor

One of the must do’s during the Thanksgiving Weekend is of course decorating the Christmas Tree.  While in my household, I use the same decor each year, adding a new ornament to my meaningful collection, my offsprings consider changing it up in theres. But no matter what, the actual exercise is always memorable and the tree lighting celebration rewarding and fun while we toast the beginning of the Christmas season with a bottle of champagne.

2010 in a nutshell and happy new years

With a blink of an eye, 2010 comes to an end. This year was the most eventful for me because I celebrated a milestone birthday, lost a job, sold a house, lost a family member, rekindled relations with extended family as well  as travelled to some interesting destinations and some not so interesting. I admit I experienced too much and from it learned alot in the course of  365 days. One thing I must say, thanks to maturity and an unexplainable sense of self-control (which I think is associated with maturity),  I was able to cope with the “personal” events which unfolded during  the course of the year  and in a way survived the outcome(s) with minimal damage to my mental health 🙂 . As I result of 2010,  I have decided to pass up on making New Years  resolutions altogether so that I am not too disappointed in myself, should I not be able to uphold the commitment.  Instead,  I have set some flexible goals for myself, which I am going to do everything …

new years eve movie night

Just in case you have opted to stay home for New Years Eve this year and are tired of watching reruns or  reality shows on television, then consider renting some of the films I have listed below to keep you entertained. So, grab a bottle or two of champagne, pop some popcorn, turn up the fire, snuggle under a blanket with a loved one or not and enjoy a movie or two or three 🙂 1.  The Apartment (1960) 2. Breakfast At Tiffany (1961) 3. La Dolche Vita (1960) 4. The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) 5. Holiday (1938) 6. High Society (1956)

new years eve shoes and clutch glamour

I know most women, who plan to attend some formal event this New Year’s Eve, have  already planned out their New Year’s Eve attire. But,  just in case the shoes and clutch have not yet been considered, I have included some  of my favorite pairing suggestions for 2010. Oh and just in case you are wondering about the photo above  left, it is Jimmy Choo – Marine Jeweled evening shoes. I know…breath taking and I wonder where were these shoes when I was in my 20’s?

new years eve decoration suggestions

A few things  to remember while hosting  a New Years Eve party are of course,  champagne,  party favors, an array of (silver and gold) decorations, at least for my taste (you can choose your own color theme as you wish)  around the living room and several funky clocks strategically  placed  at the buffet table and fireplace mantle alarmed and ready to go off at midnight. In light of the New Years Eve decoration suggestions, I have included some photos to share. Have fun planning!!!  

new years eve appetizer and dessert ideas

Although there are many parties or events happening around the world, in my opinion, there is nothing more rewarding than celebrating New Year’s Eve with loved ones and  close friends, gathered in someone’s home. What I also like is when everyone is asked to bring a dish for the pot luck style dining. I think this is the only night I find myself munching into the wee hours of the morning (providing I am able to stay up that late anymore). So for this joyous occasion or celebration, I have included some quick appetizer and dessert ideas to consider, just in case you are either hosting a party or are invited to one where you are asked to bring a dish. Above photo: Antipasto sausage skewers, click here for the recipe Above: S’mores.  Recipe:  Graham crackers, chocolate piece, marshmellow and sprinkled with toasted coconut Above: Cupcakes in Fancy cups: Dark Chocolate cupcakes are recommended, white icing and silver or gold hard candy drizzled on top. Above: Various cheese and crackers  and dried fruits displayed on …