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Decor: The Perfect Guest House

I am hoping that in between the responsibilities, we are tapping into our creative sides, or hope that is what we are doing – to ward off all the negative energy from bad news and beyond, which is crippling our minds and lifestyles on a whole new level – then the health impact of  COVID-19.  But if we haven’t yet, it is time to start an online art class, an online wine tasting gathering, an online book club, film review, gardening club, learning to sew, learning to dance, yoga, and well you get the just of it. And if you happen to have a shed or space on your property to consider a guest house or home office – then you might appreciate this wonderful build-out. And by the way I bought a trampoline because I’ve always wanted to overcome my fears of jumping around on one 😉 Featured image full credit and source

Decor: The Pantry Perfection

When we sold our house in Sacramento and moved back to San Francisco, wow… a decade ago,  we settled for a studio apartment near sunset beach until we figured out where we wanted to live next in the bay area. But, since we made the small space our perfect home, I cannot see myself living anywhere else. So, after much consideration, we decided to stay, and last year renovated the living  space and bath, with the intend we would tackle the makeshift kitchen which is currently a build-out as part of the garage. The most important item on my list is a pantry or two, kind of a combination of these perfect options. Which is a kitchen concept from here  and I love the industrial feel to the design perfect for a garage build-out

Decor: Fresh and Clean

I laughed when I decided on the title of this post  – fresh and clean – something I overhead someone telling her baby after giving her a bath. So, in honor of the statement, I share some fresh and clean, and airy decor ideas for your home renovation project or just a bit of sprucing up: {Source}

Decor: The Formal In Living Rooms

Formal living Rooms may be a thing of the past as more homeowners opt for a comfortable open space family room, an extension of the kitchen space, where everyone can be together, without the worry of keeping everything in order. But if you happen to entertain often, or love the idea of a formal living room – as part of your home, I have to say these decor ideas are pretty simple to recreate on any budget.

A Novel Giveaway Inspired by Roman Decor

I watched a foreign film a few weeks ago on Amazon Prime, where I was completely immersed in the style of foreign film making and story telling, as well as where it was filmed (Roma).  But, nothing captivated me more than the apartment the main character, Claudio (played by Raoul Bova)  lived in – near Vatican city, with views of Castle San’ Angelo.  I have to say, it was the best two-hour escape in a long while, and I went to bed thinking about all things Rome.   Last night, while commuting home, I stumbled upon this Roman Residence and smiled, thinking how similar  this lovely space was to the decor in the film. So I decided to give away Piazza Navona – a novel I’ve written a few years back.  Message me to get your copy.   Paperback copy will be shipped to U.S. address only. 

Decor: For the Detail Oriented

There was a period in my life – a decade ago, where I would visit new home sites around California just to get a glimpse in person, the best of shabby chic with a twist to Roman or Venetian  style decor choice used for all the model mansions border lining villas. They made it easy, near seamless, putting the collection of furnishings together to create the illusion the buyers all needed to have, to sign the dotted line. I grew out of that phase  – and now prefer to create my own whimsical, with a touch of modern flare. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the finer decor details in this beauty of a mansion and from it take a few details to add to my lifestyle. Enjoy!

Decor: Chanel’s New Flagship Store – Manhattan

In light of the fact, a few department stores are either closing down or renovating and reinventing themselves here in northern California to remain key players in this day and age of online shopping, I have to applaud Chanel’s newly designed flagship store in Manhattan. The very idea of a modern chic decor approach, which others are following, is a sure way to captivate passersby: