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Friday Fun Reads On Your Way To A Long Weekend

I just realized this is a long weekend for Americans – celebrating ‘President’s Day’ for some and rushing off somewhere for a quick getaway for others – normally attaching today as an extended mini-vacation. So, if you are stuck in a car as a passenger, or on a flight taking you away from your norm, I figured you might appreciate a few interesting topics to read about.

What’s In Store This Weekend?

The planning has already begun for the weekend and these are some of the things I am considering: What’s your plans this weekend? Where will you be watching the Superbowl? And if you happen to be doing the same about the bay area on Saturday or Sunday early morning walk, please drop me a line here so we can cross paths and say ‘Hi’. Otherwise have a lovely weekend!

Blue Moon Eclipse 2018

Here’s to hoping there isn’t a cloud in the sky so we can actually get a glimpse of the Blue Moon On Jan. 31, all three of these celestial events will happen at the same time: A blue moon is when two full moons happen in the same month (or when four moons happen in one season, where there’d usually be just three—read’s explanation for how the blue moon term came to be) and actually has nothing to do with the moon’s color. Lunar eclipses occur when the moon passes into Earth’s shadow, and supermoons occur when the full moon happens at the same time the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit. The blue moon and the lunar eclipse will take place on Jan. 31, and the supermoon apparently will occur on Jan. 30. So, I am hopeful I can capture on camera what I will probably never see again in my lifetime. This is what is expected: Unfortunately, just looking at the sky on Jan. 31 will not guarantee a view of the lunar eclipse. The easternmost part …

Fashion: Friday Fun Quiz

I proudly admit I passed this quiz with flying colors and consider myself a shoe expert 😉  And just for fun sake, or the need to take a break from whatever it is you are doing today – that is possibly stressing you out – take this quiz. Oh come on – humor me or yourself and then share – if you like where it is you stand on your own two feet (you like how I did that?”   ]] Can you believe I used to own a pair of those pink pumps in the late 90s. How about you?

Travel Series: Behind The Scenes – Vol II

A week ago I started a new series on Raw Silk and Saffron, to talk about what goes on behind the scenes, in terms of travel. I’ve always been curious to know or learn how some things come about, or the inspiration behind re-designing a city or even the methodology used to create, recreate, or put an end to what’s been in the past. So, in case you missed the first installment of the travel series, you can get a second chance here, and then stay tuned for more topics of interest to come.

Travel Series: Behind The Scenes

Sure, when we travel somewhere, we are mostly focused on what we see in front of us and seldom do any background information on sites or towns we visit. I mean current events or future plans research. Well, I am always intregued but evolution or remodel or updates or sometimes unfortuantely a bad decision in terms of a town, a city, or a country decides in their efforts to move forward. Anyway, here are some interesting behind the scenes stories that I, as always, felt the need to share:

RS&S Topic of Interest: Friday The 13th Explained

I am not superstitious much – but I do have to bring to attention that today is Friday the 13th – and although the day and date has not much meaning to me, it does to some folks. So I decided to find out what the hype is all about. Check out what I discovered: According to the Brits, the Mirror reports: National Geographic explains the history behind the superstition: The Irish have their take on the matter: And then there is a list of 13 blizzare historical events according to ABC7 News

Friday Fun Finds And Winding Down For The Week

By Friday I feel a little spent – mostly mentally. Because I am a good sounding board for my family and friends. And although they feel good at the end of our conversation, I end up feeling the worst possible. Perhaps I bear all of their burdens upon my shoulders. Bad way to be. I need to learn to just let go or not worry past the conversation. Anyway, that is the plan, to work on my not getting all too caught up in other people’s problems. Until then, I find my mind drifting to other topics just so to keep a balance:  I am often amazed at how some people can aim, click and take a really cool photo of themselves and post it right before my eyes and when I take a peek at their smart phone screen, I see nothing but beautiful. So for that, here’s a list of suggestions to take better or in my case a descent selfie. Love this article about an entrepreneur who is changing the way we …

Friday Fun Facts or Just Some Things For Small Talk At A Cocktail Party

There is nothing worse than being invited to a get-together, then to simply stand in the corner, with drink in hand, and nod your head when the party-goers surrounding you are chit-chatting about nothings.  So, just before you put on your shoes to sprint out of your home and to that party, or maybe even while in Uber getting there, here’s some fun topics to bring up just to break the barrier, or disrupt the awkward quietness. Scientists Say That Being Forgetful Is Actually A Sign You are Unusually Intelligent. Why a 5 to 9 schedule will make you more successful then a 9 to 5. To debunk the controversy over Olive Oil. Tell them about the article you read in BBC about The Olive Oil The Romans Loved.  Money online points out Cheap Flights to Europe Right Now. Recite the best travel quotes you’ve seen here, if you happen to be around folks in the travel business. Discuss the science of Wanderlust from Conde Nast Traveler magazine you read. Entertainment talks: Matthew Weiner is …