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Friday Fun Finds And Winding Down For The Week

By Friday I feel a little spent – mostly mentally. Because I am a good sounding board for my family and friends. And although they feel good at the end of our conversation, I end up feeling the worst possible. Perhaps I bear all of their burdens upon my shoulders. Bad way to be. I need to learn to just let go or not worry past the conversation.

Anyway, that is the plan, to work on my not getting all too caught up in other people’s problems.

Until then, I find my mind drifting to other topics just so to keep a balance:

  1.  I am often amazed at how some people can aim, click and take a really cool photo of themselves and post it right before my eyes and when I take a peek at their smart phone screen, I see nothing but beautiful. So for that, here’s a list of suggestions to take better or in my case a descent selfie.
  2. Love this article about an entrepreneur who is changing the way we network, at first with dating apps leading to the altar, and now an app to help you meet the people you need to advance in your career. Not a bad deal. I mean, most job offers are made through who you know. So why not this app.
  3. When I travel, I opt for a comfy pair of black sweat pants, the ankle length, and a loose-fitting top, so here’s a suggestion for the best pants to wear on a red-eye flight. What do you think? Or do you have your favorites you’d like to share?
  4. I’ve been doing some research about getting a new bed. Not because mine is one I’ve had for a while, but because the one I have, doesn’t feel comfortable enough for a good night sleep. I always wake up sore, and feeling more moody than usual. I’m leaning towards the Casper bed, and while doing that couldn’t help but appreciate the beautiful bedding suggestions from here.
  5. If you are experiencing summer withdrawals, then consider Conde Nast Traveler twelve ways to enjoy endless summer
  6. And just in case, none of these distractions helped ward off being taken advantage of –  in terms of being a sounding board – by folks in your world, than read other ways to cope with people who sap our energy and cause us undue stress.

{featured image source here, here, here, here, here}



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