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Getaway For The Holidays

My all-time favorite holiday film, is The Holiday, where two women exchange homes during the holidays, in hopes of getting away from their otherwise mundane or meaningless lifestyle – only to discover love in all the right places. So today, just for fun, I am wondering, which getaway would you choose, if you had the change to exchange or actually simply find the perfect holiday escape…

Friday Fun Finds And Winding Down For The Week

By Friday I feel a little spent – mostly mentally. Because I am a good sounding board for my family and friends. And although they feel good at the end of our conversation, I end up feeling the worst possible. Perhaps I bear all of their burdens upon my shoulders. Bad way to be. I need to learn to just let go or not worry past the conversation. Anyway, that is the plan, to work on my not getting all too caught up in other people’s problems. Until then, I find my mind drifting to other topics just so to keep a balance:  I am often amazed at how some people can aim, click and take a really cool photo of themselves and post it right before my eyes and when I take a peek at their smart phone screen, I see nothing but beautiful. So for that, here’s a list of suggestions to take better or in my case a descent selfie. Love this article about an entrepreneur who is changing the way we …

friday’s five interesting things online – vol 3

So many articles, almost so little time to read them all. But I make an effort daily, weeding out my favorites. This week’s finds – click on the photographs to be redirected to the articles: Never once I imagined while I strolled through this very corridor of the Palace in Monaco, that once Grace Kelly stood there to be photographed for her wedding. Never once did I imagine this would happen, when I turned over my very first souvenir of the Eiffel Tower and read Made in China. Never once did I imagine an AMERICAN newspaper posting details of the Armenian Genocide on the front page of the paper We never imagine it could really be possible to quit life, and move abroad, or do we? Can you imagine being as rich as the rich?  

happy thoughts – the best therapy

I’ve been extra busy this week and by the time Friday rolled around, I couldn’t  believe it was already here. Anyway, if you are interested in finding out what’s made me busy, please click here. If you aren’t interested, then simply stare at the photo below and know that this happy thought keeps me going, no matter what. What keeps you going? Have a great weekend and I will see you here on Monday.