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friday’s five interesting things online – vol 3

So many articles, almost so little time to read them all. But I make an effort daily, weeding out my favorites. This week’s finds – click on the photographs to be redirected to the articles:

Never once I imagined while I strolled through this very corridor of the Palace in Monaco, that once Grace Kelly stood there to be photographed for her wedding.


photo chronicles of Grace Kelly in Monaco

Never once did I imagine this would happen, when I turned over my very first souvenir of the Eiffel Tower and read Made in China.


Paris in China?

Never once did I imagine an AMERICAN newspaper posting details of the Armenian Genocide on the front page of the paper


New York Times Reports On The Armenian Genocide?

We never imagine it could really be possible to quit life, and move abroad, or do we?


Inspiring stories of expats

Can you imagine being as rich as the rich?


How rich do you want to be?


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