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Topics of Conversation From Around The World

In my efforts to remain positive and a little distracted from what’s become the norm these past few months, I want to share some interesting articles I found online which might be fun for trivia with the household, or zoom-chats across the globe. Call me a nerd – I don’t care 🙂 And if the above is a pass – then consider this 10 positive habits to adopt right now   {featured image source}

Boutique Hotel Pick – Kimpton Charlotte Square – Edinburgh, Scotland

One of the favorite destinations from around the world is Scotland, and the inspiration for my third novel coming your way soon. And although there are many wonderful hotels throughout the country, one in particular I wanted to feature in RS&S since it meets all of my eclectic taste in accommodations.     {for a list of 20 small luxury hotels in Edinburgh- visit this site}

Travel: Planning for 2018

My favorite topic and hobby is travel and so I think we best start discussing the subject to plan the most ideal getaways for 2018: Here’s a list of changes to be expected: Checking in will be a thing of the past. Robots will be there to assist you instead, In Flight Wi-Fi will improve. Biometric IDs will integrate, airports will become more pleasant, international travelers will have more choices, you will talk your way onto a plane, the gap between the front of planes to the back will become greater, comparing flight pricing will become more difficult (does this mean we would rely on travel agents again?) Check out the article here

Travel: 50 Things To Put On Your Bucket List

In terms of Europe that is – because if you include the rest of the world and things to do – the list might just be unobtainable in one’s lifetime – unless you drop everything and just go. Hmmm – not a bad idea 🙂 So here they are in the order of where I’ve been and highly recommend, and what’s on my list of to-do’s and the rest is here: Where I’ve been and highly recommend: Where I am planning to see in the coming year and beyond:  

Travel: Articles of Interest for the Avid Traveler

I’ve put all articles pertaining to travel on the shelf or in the blogging world – in draft mode until…well, the holidays were over. I figured the only reason at this point people want to travel is to get to their families for the holidays, and only a handful have planned a winter-some places summer getaways the weeks in between December 24 to December 31st. Ok. Long story short – here’s a few interesting articles for those of you who simply cannot get enough of travel articles in between the vacation planning:

Mind Set – Vacation, vacation, vacation

The last month has been the most stressful. Well, since a few months back for me that is. It seems stress is all we have these days, worrying so much about the faith of our nation, our children’s safety, health, financial stability, and even all things reshaping our planet earth – all while trying to keep a positive front so not to be judged by anyone. Who are we kidding. Everyone is looking for an outlet – to escape the madness even if for a few minutes. Who knew all fantasized films made about doomsday and corruption is becoming more real every day. Sorry, if I’ve brought you down this Friday. But occasionally it’s important for me to stay real. Last night, I sat on my bed and breathed out – for that instance – I felt a sense of temporary relief. The kind of relief where my body was not as tense at it normally is –  because I realized in a few days I would be on vacation – even if it’s just for …

For The Love of Dogs, or Calling All Dog Lovers

I love my dog to pieces like most dog-owners do. I consider him or rather he considers himself human, participating in our conversations, and dinner preps, and even expressions while watching  a television program. He is the best at everything he does. My favorite when he snuggles against me the early morning hours, or while I sit up in bed early Saturday and Sunday mornings, typing away at my novels.  You get my point. This man, took his love of his dog to a whole new level only the photographs below can explain 🙂 and then some:  

Decor: Burberry Christmas Tree

Too soon you say? Well maybe or maybe not. But Burberry, one of my favorite designer of coats and umbrellas is decorating the Christmas tree at Claridge. News I considered necessary to share for all those interested in the smallest or huge details happening around the world. I can’t wait to see the real photos in true Burberry fashion and color scheme.