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Topics of Conversation From Around The World

In my efforts to remain positive and a little distracted from what’s become the norm these past few months, I want to share some interesting articles I found online which might be fun for trivia with the household, or zoom-chats across the globe.

Call me a nerd – I don’t care 🙂

For the history buff – do you know what these are? know what

Wondering where these steps may lead to? A game of trivia might be in order to find out

For nature lovers – do you know what this terrain is called?

For the avid traveler – what is a Weihnachtsmarkt

Made this pic my laptop wallpaper – in honor of my love for travel – do you want to know where it is? click on photo

And if the above is a pass - then consider this 10 positive habits to adopt right now

my favorite suggestion – appreciate the world from afar


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