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Home Schooling – Adult Style

Since some of us have been forced to home-school our children, I think we may find ourselves sometimes cringing at some of the assignments tasked to them.  For example, me with math. You might feel the same about science, or history, or even language-whatever it may be in your part of the world. So it dawned on me, to start this series, where I share some refresher facts from around the world to seem just maybe smarter than usual to our kids. What do you think? I mean, no insult to anyone, I’m just trying to have fun here. So if you want to play along, then by all means do so, otherwise feel free to swipe left. 🙂

Here’s today’s topics of learning

How do swamps differ from marshes? You might ask or your 9 year old might

What is it that elephants can’t do?

Where is Victoria Falls? Please don’t confuse it with Niagara Falls 😉

Engineering at its finest – explained here from the ancient Egyptians.

Can you identify this bug? Look closer please

Hey was this fun or it's a hard pass?

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