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Beautiful Things

Woke up this morning, after a brutal storm along the Pacific Ocean, wreaking havoc across San Francisco bay area. I decided I needed to share some beautiful things…

Interesting Shares From Around the World

I have to tell you – it’s been a bit confusing for me living in San Francisco, and watching the news unfold around the world on how everyone is handling or defining the ‘going back to normal.’  While we remain in masks in California, other’s seem to be removing them, social distancing – based on photographs – is not standard either.  Among other differences, I don’t need to list here. So, where do we stand if parts of the world are abiding by the new lifestyle, and others aren’t? Who is handling anything the right way anymore?  That’s been on my mind recently.  How about you? How one scientist suggested a questionable cure for COVID-19 – read here The malaria drug that is being tested around the globe – read here  Why are more forests still being chopped down – read here Do you believe air pollution exacerbated COVID-19 – read here What’s on your list of interesting topics to read?

Home Schooling – Adult Style

Since some of us have been forced to home-school our children, I think we may find ourselves sometimes cringing at some of the assignments tasked to them.  For example, me with math. You might feel the same about science, or history, or even language-whatever it may be in your part of the world. So it dawned on me, to start this series, where I share some refresher facts from around the world to seem just maybe smarter than usual to our kids. What do you think? I mean, no insult to anyone, I’m just trying to have fun here. So if you want to play along, then by all means do so, otherwise feel free to swipe left. 🙂 Here’s today’s topics of learning Hey was this fun or it’s a hard pass? {featured image full credit}

Five Things That Grabbed My Attention This Morning

As I ‘mature’ I realize I’m developing a sense of calmness when dealing with everyday life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do need to vent here and there, well mostly after enduring a situation for a long period of time, I need to let it all out, but not as emotionally as I used to. I realize as I type this, that with maturity, there will also come a time, where I see myself not even venting anymore. Instead, simply shaking my heading and carrying on. Until then, I am simply sharing a few things that have grabbed my attention this morning and wanted to know your take on them.

Sunday Read: Research Has It

I normally sleep with my window open. I’ve done it for years. The crisp air, sometimes chilly and other times just warm enough helps me get a good night sleep.  The only nights I struggle to get to sleep is if I’m in a place, a hotel or someone’s house, where I cannot open the window. Those are the nights, I toss and turn and count the hours until the morning. Do you sleep with the window opened?   While searching for a recipe, I came across this article – about the most popular recipe in every state (U.S) according to google. And when I clicked on it, I found some of the options very surprising – especially California – where I live. I would have guessed delicious guacamole dip or sushi – but never quinoa. Check out the rest of the list. Is it true for your state?     Being a San Franciscan – I have seen the city develop into an expensive metropolitan one and although I have been here all of my …