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Five Things That Grabbed My Attention This Morning

As I ‘mature’ I realize I’m developing a sense of calmness when dealing with everyday life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do need to vent here and there, well mostly after enduring a situation for a long period of time, I need to let it all out, but not as emotionally as I used to. I realize as I type this, that with maturity, there will also come a time, where I see myself not even venting anymore. Instead, simply shaking my heading and carrying on.

Until then, I am simply sharing a few things that have grabbed my attention this morning and wanted to know your take on them.

Royals no-more? Perhaps a shift to the Hollywood lifestyle is in order for this trend-setting ‘royalish’ couple? For the sake of predictions, what say you?

This article about taking a climate challenge – by cutting back on meat and dairy has me pondering over the topic

I’ve been considering relocating – to a small town somewhere in New England. Don’t know why, but something is drawing me there. But considering such a move is extremely stressful. Why do we want to move?

Would you live in a prefab cube?

Suggested five investment pieces of clothing to buy this January? Do you do that? I do – invest in clothes which could withstand the test of time and various fashion trends.

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