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Sunday Edition: Topics Of Interest From Around The World

I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, in terms of this bug/flu thing I managed to get caught up in this past week – the entire event being kicked off by a stiff neck,  followed by an achy body, fever, headache and a huge knot in my throat, or more like a piece of rock lodged in the worst possible way, causing all kinds of havoc on my body and soul. Since I am so aware of my health, I noticed this time around, I had the worst stomach pains also – which got me thinking perhaps this was a combo flu – or a virus that was thoughtful enough to attack all of my organs. Anyway, the way I know I am feeling better is that I wanted to actually get on my phone and dabble in paint-by-number app, and then one thing led to the next and here we are – with a list of interesting topics I want to share with all of you – cooped up …

Decor: If Renovation Is Your New Year Goal

If  renovation – minor or major – is the goal for 2019, then you might appreciate what’s trending or simply just ideas to incorporate in your own style.   {Lake Tahoe home tour} – Screened in porch or outdoor dining – is the key in this wonderful home in Lake Tahoe as if from a fairytale   Bathroom’s might be the easiest to revamp in my opinion and this list of 80 suggestions are fun to consider   {featured image source}

travel: venice canals in venice california

When I travel to anywhere, I am always looking for the unusual to see. Something that would mostly impress and inspire me to develop a storyline. So, as you can tell exploring the Venice Canals in Venice, California is a must. I’m not going to get into the story behind the story, you can click here to read about it. But I am going to say, that please don’t compare the canals to the ones in Venice Italy. Instead stroll along the area early morning hours, before the heat, and take in the peacefulness of the experience.  

a uniquely secret garden in california

The Summer months are the toughest time for me to stay inspired, since the weather is not the best in San Francisco to uplift my spirits. I stay indoors a lot and often spend countless hours daydreaming of places to visit with sun and warm weather, restlessly needing to get away. Of course having been a travel agent at one point in my career, adds to my distress since I find myself searching online, while bundled up in sweat pants and a sweater, information about travel. One particular story caught my attention recently, enlightening me naturally since I had no idea it existed. But apparently there is a secret garden worth seeing nestled in Fresno, California, a place most of us locals don’t consider a vacation spot. It’s called Forestiere Gardens. Please click here to read the article and see photo credits. I think I just added Fresno to my list of things to do in California.  

odds and ends of home decor and also design

Every three to four years, I’m craving a change in my home decor and begin to gather together (long before Pinterest) ideas on what I want to see happen in my home. I’ve helped a few friends this way and all the projects we’ve worked on turned out perfectly well, taking into consideration a mixture of decorating also design ideas. Here are some of my recent loves.

starting the new year in muir woods

By the 31st of December, I was completely restless, sentimental and somewhat anxious for the day to end. I honestly can’t pint point the why behind the way I felt, but I just did. So with champagne toast in hand at almost midnight, I did my normal countdown to (now)  with Ryan Seacrest in New York and then after watching the after party show, I went to sleep After sleeping in on New Year’s day and then driving home in heavy traffic, back to San Francisco, I decided that if the weather permitted, I would  spend  day two of the new year somewhere outdoors. So, of course on January 2nd, when  I saw the sun shining  and the weather  unusually warm  for the season, we got in the car and drove up to  Muir Woods, just 40 miles or so North of San Francisco and spend the day walking about the beautiful redwoods, while my friends and I contemplated how we foresee the new year to be. Actually, while they talked, I took photographs. Check …