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Sunday Edition: Topics Of Interest From Around The World

I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, in terms of this bug/flu thing I managed to get caught up in this past week – the entire event being kicked off by a stiff neck,  followed by an achy body, fever, headache and a huge knot in my throat, or more like a piece of rock lodged in the worst possible way, causing all kinds of havoc on my body and soul. Since I am so aware of my health, I noticed this time around, I had the worst stomach pains also – which got me thinking perhaps this was a combo flu – or a virus that was thoughtful enough to attack all of my organs.

Anyway, the way I know I am feeling better is that I wanted to actually get on my phone and dabble in paint-by-number app, and then one thing led to the next and here we are – with a list of interesting topics I want to share with all of you – cooped up at home for one reason or another and need a distraction:

Spring 2019 Reading Suggestions are out and I am starting with this number –

one of the toughest decisions while growing up is what degree to pursue at a university level? I know this was a very difficult decision for me as I pursue my degree while working full-time. There is a certain expectation from parents and even society about what degree would be the smarter choice to get the better job – well this article has a different take on the subject, and that is – I love how they titled the article – WHY Worthless Humanities Degrees May Set You Up For Life ? Click to read on

would you spend a night at the museum if you could? I don’t know if I would? My vivid imagination will take me places I don’t think I want to go. But would you if you could stay a night in the Louvre?

A garden imagined, so perfectly manicured and one I can see myself spending the entire Spring, summer, and Fall

Spring 2019 shoes, I cannot wait for some to arrive at my front doorstep, particularly this beauty

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