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Food: Week’s Menu Based on Cravings

Slowly I am gaining taste – and actually enjoying my meals. Not yet fully, but the fact I woke up this morning craving so much – is a move in the right direction. So tonight, after work, I plan to do my grocery shopping with the following recipes in mind for the week:

Hmmm, I see a weird trend.

I feel I can eat an entire pan filled with Salmon with this recipe in mind – click on photo

I have developed a brand new love for Ricotta cheese toast, but normally with fig jam, but this idea might be an option – although mushroom with Ricotta tend to be a bit bland, adding sautee ground Italian sausage to this topic might do it justice. Click on for original recipe

Roasted Beat Tostada – what a cool alternative for a fun dinner plus a bottle of wine of course

Pineapple Shrimp over brown rice – for tonight

And finally Lasagna – and although I have a simple recipe of my own, I like this one – click on photo for details

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