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Let’s Touch Base

Recent meetings at work are titled…let’s touch base. I suppose only because of yet another re-org, restructure, and re-re et all. Which gets me thinking on days where I feel off, that if it is still worth the fight? To stay focused, see the bigger picture, and all things that drives one to aim for the ultimate success in their career. Until…that part of life, trumps all others and you realize on the seventh day of December, that you haven’t made an effort to decorate the house, nor focus on the upcoming holiday. Then you look around, and think, perhaps the joy of the holiday season is no longer the way it once was. And that we are all simply going through the motion of making Christmas happen. Am I alone in this thinking? And…forgive me for sounding downbeat…but I do wonder if we will ever get back the true spirit of Christmas? What are you thoughts?

Weekend Conversation Starter

I’ve been watching The Crown season 5 on Netflix, one episode a night. The sad truth is, midway through an episode, I fall asleep or zone out. And my partner in crime turns off the television, disappointed that I am not keeping up. I don’t know about you, but for some strange reason season 5 has been a bit difficult for me to watch for so many reasons. Are you having the same issues? If so please tell me why? Photo source and full credit One film I do recommend is Where the Crawdads Sing, past the novel, the film is captivating and very well paced. I’ve read the book, and normally films do not do justice to the story. But in this instance, the filmmaker took all the right precautions to ensure the screen version captured the essence of the well written story. Image source and full credit Where are we with Thanksgiving? I mean this is the first year for me where I am not the host and since my mother is unable …

Interesting Topics To Share

Living in San Francisco, I have to say, I frequent the wine region and spend a day just soaking it all in. Also a history puff, I tend to do some research about the different wineries, and all things encompassing the art of making wine. So this article caught my interest, about a samurai who forever changed California wine region I have to admit I cannot move away from the coast. I tried for a decade to go more inland, but the coast has always beckoned me to return and now I understand why. The impact of blue spaces on our mental health makes it all too clear. The seriousness of saving our planet should take precedent over all else. Don’t you agree? Here’s one topic about limitless renewal energy I want to share. And finally, climate change explained…

Cozy Sunday

For the first time in a while I feel the need to simply stay home and read, nap and watch Downton Abby – A New Era on Netflix. Also make a cozy dinner for the clan struggling with all sorts of food allergies. Here’s what I am currently reading – mostly for the escape, or in place of the travel I’ve been aching to do, but can’t at the moment. Since I have become my mother’s caregiver. Naps are always a good idea on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s the best way to reset for the week. I wish Downton Abby could return as a series on television, as these bits of stories told through film is simply not enough. Hopefully setting back the clock this weekend will level us all. I don’t about you, but I’ve had many sleepless nights leading to… Lastly Sunday dinner plans – I normally keep pretty basic. Roast chicken is my go to for Sunday dinners and this recipe is one I will be aiming for tonight: How about …

Lifestyle: Core Values and How To Be a Conscious Listener

Today’s virtual and in person human connection has me worried. I know there are reminders in recent days about being in the moment and all. But unless we make extra effort to be conscious and aware, past the political social media influence, the humanity as we know it will become extinct. I took part in a self-betterment program several months back through my current employer and although I went into it with an open mind, I had no idea the lasting impact such a program could have. So I decided it was time to share some key points, an introduction if you will, just in case, you’ve reached a cross-road… To start, I was asked to list my 10 core values and rate them from 1-10. Ten being the most important. Here’s what I want to add to that. After you have listed and rated your core values. List 10 more values you perceive are relevant in today’s society. Compare the two lists and share. I promise this will lead somewhere Second, have you ever …

The Constant…No More

While in the countryside this past week, committed to unplug from all things electronic, I received news that her Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, had passed away. Which I knew had been long time coming, considering how delicate her state of being was in the past year. Nevertheless, I somehow felt it wouldn’t be in my lifetime. I felt choked up on my way up the stairs to a quieter part of the house. And there I sat on the bed, as if the world had come to an end…and in a way, it has. She was the constant in our world of elevated madness and chaos. A tender reminder of strength, dignity and resiliency, I admired, and often mirrored to endure my worst of days. What would the Queen do, I used to remind myself… featured image full credit

Interesting Topics For Those of Us Without Back To School Woes

August is a tricky month for most parents as they gear up their school aged children for returning their academic year. Whether returning to, or heading to a new establishment for higher learning, maneuvering the ritual can be pretty some form of memorable experience to say the least. So I get it if you don’t stop and read the interesting topics I have added here. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Dijon, France, where I spent an entire day experimenting with the mustard produced in the region. So much so, I nearly brought a suitcase load of the product. So naturally the idea of ‘why there is no Dijon in Dijon Mustard‘ read, sparked my interest. The rebirth of an amazing destination made famous by writers and celebrity of all types – Cuba – where now a portion of the small island in the Caribbean, Matanzas, is going through major renovation worth reading about. A destination surely on my bucket list How Rome’s monuments are still standing – do you ever wonder? Do you dabble …

Film Location and Setting Wanderlust

Two films I watched in the recent days which have whisked me away to locations and setting I am simply missing more than imaginable. House of Gucci filming location- Italy : Villa Balbiano, Ossuccio, Tremezzina, Como, Lombardy, ItalyLake Como, ItalyGressoney-Saint-Jean, Aosta Valley, ItalyFlorence, Tuscany, ItalyMilan, Lombardy, ItalyGressoney-La-Trinité, Aosta Valley, ItalyVia dei Condotti, Rome, Lazio, ItalyRome, Lazio, ItalyMilan Cathedral, Milan, Lombardia, ItalyGalleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza del Duomo, Milan, Lombardia, Italy (Maurizio and Patrizia looking for a restaurant at the beginning)Ossuccio, Tremezzina, Como, Lombardy, ItalyAosta Valley, ItalyLazio, ItalyVilla Necchi Campiglio, Milan, Lombardia, Italy(Rodolfo’s house)Tremezzina, Como, Lombardy, ItalyTuscany, ItalyPiazza del Duomo, Milan, Lombardia, Italy(Maurizio and Patrizia eat a snack at the beginning) New York City, New York, USA Filming Dates8 March 2021 – 6 May 2021 {source}