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Virtual Travel To Ireland

Do you select a film to watch based on location? Let me clarify. I understand selecting a movie to watch is normally based upon genre, actors as well as the story line. But do you ever search for films based on location? I do and last night it was all about Ireland. You see, I haven’t been to Ireland and it is one destination that I put on my list of destinations to visit in 2020. And we know what happened to the world as we once knew it. So until I feel safe enough to travel, films on location will simply have to do. Finding You – based on a novel by Jenny B Jones is certainly worth seeing for a virtual tour of some of the most beautiful countryside in Ireland. I found myself swooning over the breathtaking scenery and the small towns along the way. The storyline was also interesting as it touched upon connections between generations and the ways of thinking and living. Shattered dreams, broken hearts, funny moments and some …

Weekend Thoughts

What are you doing this weekend – is a question most of us ask in text form, or on a call with someone and even through a slack channel at work. So I thought I might ask here – what are you doing this weekend? The sun has finally decided to burst through the heavy fog along the coast of San Francisco and I am excited to report that I am actually going to spend some time walking through Golden Gate Park – without a coat and hat on and even gloves during our so called ‘summer months’ I am also going to try a new twist on chicken from a recipe here. And this cake – oh my how delicious it all sounds. Also on the list of weekend to-dos is read this novel I’ve picked up in Sonoma at my favorite tiny bookstore. I’ll be dreaming about a trip to Ireland – someday, when all is safe and sound and masks are hopefully a thing of the past. Do you ever see a …

TV Show Recommend

What are you watching on television these days? I normally list a handful of film recommends here for consideration or my recommendation. But The Chair requires a post of its own. Best show I stumbled upon on Netflix two nights ago was The Chair. And sadly with only six episodes (for season 1 – here’s to hoping for more) the series managed to deliver a wonderfully written story based around so many modern day topics. With a great cast, and perfect storytelling, we are introduced to… Single-mother attempting to do it all on her own for an adopted child who naturally hates her. Empty-nester syndrome. University life not so much based around the students (yet) but more of the faculty challenges in keeping up with the times. Power struggles as always in any story. There’s Color issues, gender issues and much more introduced in every 30-minute episode. I could not ask for a better distraction right about now. Thank you Amanda Peet! Can’t wait for season 2 (hopefully) {featured image source here}

Through the Smoke Filled Air

I woke up this morning scratching my head, thinking while in deep sleep at some point overnight, I was shuttled up to another planet. The skies across the bay area are orange-gray dark and a bit scary. Never been in this situation before. I mean we’ve had fires across California but none this extreme. At least not in my lifetime. But then again it is 2020 and all is expected at this point so, with all lights on in the house, at now almost nine in the morning, I am staying connected in hopes to stay distracted.       featured image source and full credit

Culture: Who’s Your Celebrity In-Character Crush

I thought about this topic a few days ago, when I decided to watch ‘You’ve Got Mail’, (for the millionth time) to help me get out of the funk I was in, and also to do character study for my novel. And it did, giggling, tearing up, beaming, and feeling over the moon about the idea of two people, who cross paths on a daily basis, end up falling in-love in the most peculiar of way, over the internet/and kind of in person. Realizing the influence of certain actors in character have over us. Who’s your celebrity-in character crush?  {featured image source}

Let’s Talk Entertainment

I have a habit, where when I watch anything on television, I need to google the story behind the story or the actor’s bio to get a better understanding of how things led to this particular project. Although this behavior can be a bit annoying, I know that most people can relate. So this morning I though maybe I can share what got me interested in the story behind the story: {source for featured image}

Saturday Film Night

On a twelve hour flight – as one might know – you either read for a few hours and fall asleep or watch television and nap in between the boring scenes or credits.  I managed to do all of it of course – but  actually was amazed at the selection of films I liked enough to recommend – just in case you have a planned movie night with your significant other.    

Three Netflix Series I Recommend

If you haven’t already seen the three Netflix series I am about to list here, then please consider to add them to your list of shows to see now if you have nothing better to do, or after the holiday frenzy in your household and beyond: First up, for the history buff or someone who simply is intrigued by the royal family – the one in England of course. The Crown is a pretty solid series so far – season 1 – in telling the story of how Queen Elizabeth came to be. Her younger days when she learns how to…uh hmm.. “Queen”  as her husband, Philip Duke of Edinburgh so eloquently puts in one of the episodes. Second, Medici: The masters of Florence – a newly released series in the US on Netflix is certainly worth every penny past episode 1 in detailing the life and times of the Medici family and their mafia-like influence over Florence at the tail end of the Renaissance era. A power drama, with an outstanding cast surely delivering …

What Constitutes Beauty, or Elegance and a Sense of Style?

As a girl in my teens, and later in my twenties, I have to say I was pretty self-conscious about the way I looked, and behaved, admiring mostly actors and models for their beauty, elegance and sense of style. Without realizing at the time, that sort of thing was mostly an image relayed through photography. The real beautiful or elegant women having a sense of style roamed the streets of Europe mostly. It’s in the last decade or so I realized that beauty truly comes from within. Because if you have a beautiful outlook on life, it will show it on your face and in the way you carry yourself. Elegance and sense of style is easily learned, and managed I feel, and most any body interested in betting themselves, can obtain such stature. So, here’s a game I play with friends, sometimes over dinner or a walk in the park. The question we pose to one another is what do you think about this or that person  in fashion, certain  sophistication or sexy simplicity …

There Is This Show – Velvet – From Spain

I am always fascinated withthe 1950s-1960s fashion. I think the whole pencil skirt, A-line dresses, form-fitting jackets, red lipstick, perfect colored stockings and the best shoes, most of the fashion to this day appreciated and  incorporated here and there. I love it when I see a period film perfectly detailing the fashion for  the period (50-60s) and  I think for me Mad Men was the best until just recently I discovered Velvet, a soap opera from Spain. The show is pretty cheesy, in a funny and cute sort of way, and I have grown to love all of the actors passing through, or staying on so far in Season 2 on Netflix. Also perks on brushing up on my Spanish of course. But what I love the most is the show is based on a department store in Spain competing with the likes of Dior and Chanel, introducing to us the best of fashion, haute couture anyone can wish for or imagine.  I love it when a show gets it right in costumes and in Velvet’s case, set decor as …