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I have a habit, where when I watch anything on television, I need to google the story behind the story or the actor’s bio to get a better understanding of how things led to this particular project. Although this behavior can be a bit annoying, I know that most people can relate. So this morning I though maybe I can share what got me interested in the story behind the story:

I often wondered how the characters in Game of Thrones came to be – and this article explains their relation to historical characters from the past

The true story behind Mary Poppins Returns – is only a click away here

While there are talks about Season 4 of the PBS show Victoria – here’s a glimpse of All of Victoria’s true descendants

Best in casting for a film Fosse Verdon – on FX in the U.S. showing currently

Downton Abbey’s connection to a royal visit – in the film of course, and all things to expect this Fall

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