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Let’s Talk Entertainment

I have a habit, where when I watch anything on television, I need to google the story behind the story or the actor’s bio to get a better understanding of how things led to this particular project. Although this behavior can be a bit annoying, I know that most people can relate. So this morning I though maybe I can share what got me interested in the story behind the story: {source for featured image}

A Scene From A Movie – Saturday Brunch

A very dear friend of mine made a surprise visit on Saturday. Meaning she drove into the city, and called me to ask if I wanted to meet her for lunch after her hair appointment. Naturally, I set aside my writing, and jumped into the shower, got dressed, and drove across town to the Marina to meet her. The weather was unbelievably gorgeous for a usually foggy near summer’s day in San Francisco, and when that happens to the city, everyone makes a conscious effort to be outdoors, hence the crazy traffic taking nearly an hour to get across town. I endured thanks to my Pandora station, and after twenty minutes of searching for parking, finally walked into the salon, where we were to meet, seconds before she finished settling her bill. She asked where I wanted to eat, and since I had just passed by a newly  remodeled or revamped restaurant on my way to the salon from where I parked my car, I suggested we give it a try.  Both of us laughing …