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A Scene From A Movie – Saturday Brunch

A very dear friend of mine made a surprise visit on Saturday. Meaning she drove into the city, and called me to ask if I wanted to meet her for lunch after her hair appointment.


Webster Street San Francisco

Naturally, I set aside my writing, and jumped into the shower, got dressed, and drove across town to the Marina to meet her. The weather was unbelievably gorgeous for a usually foggy near summer’s day in San Francisco, and when that happens to the city, everyone makes a conscious effort to be outdoors, hence the crazy traffic taking nearly an hour to get across town. I endured thanks to my Pandora station, and after twenty minutes of searching for parking, finally walked into the salon, where we were to meet, seconds before she finished settling her bill.

She asked where I wanted to eat, and since I had just passed by a newly  remodeled or revamped restaurant on my way to the salon from where I parked my car, I suggested we give it a try.  Both of us laughing over the fact, how we used to meet there for lunch ten years ago when it was a French restaurant, before then an Italian, and  cafe of some sort, and now again, a cafe of some sort.


Brunch at Belga on Union Street

We ordered our food as normal, and while we waited, we joked a bit about topics that mattered not so much. Discussed Game of Thrones, and our respective vacation plans this year, and slowly worked our way to the serious discussions I knew were lingering in the back of our minds. Pondering over the plans we made decades ago, and the goals we set for ourselves, and how different from all that our lives have turned out. Just then I realized that if I had filmed our conversation, you would think it was a scene from a film, so naturally flowing, although sad, and touching, was the best of unscripted conversation I have been a part of.

Before we parted ways, I gave her a hug, in my way letting her know she was going to be okay in the long run even if she didn’t believe it.  And then on my drive home,  I got to wondering…even if we don’t get what we want from life or achieve the goals we set for ourselves decades before, would we be okay with how our lives turned out, if we were happy…truly happy?

I’m curious to know what you think?



  1. True friends are so important in our lives. Hang on to them. And in regards to the plans we make, it matters that one truly strives to achive them, the rest will fall into place.

    • Thank you – you are an amazing loyal blog follower. Appreciate your support 🙂

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