Year: 2013

new years cocktail and an inspiring outfit

I consider New Year’s Eve festivities sexy, as long as it’s done right. With that concept, I have decided to duplicate the following ensemble with a twist of course for this years celebration, since it’s just a less -than-formal get together with close friends: Here’s what I envision instead: With that said, here’s my choice of cocktail for this year’s New Year’s Eve gathering: What’s your plans and do share your cocktail of choice.

breathe – take a day from the holiday stress

I honestly can’t remember what’s happened. I swear it was only yesterday I was planning Thanksgiving Dinner with the families and now it’s almost Christmas. In talking to others and over hearing conversation, I discovered I am not alone in this thinking. Most everyone is as confused as I am about how quickly the holiday is approaching. So, to lighten our thoughts, relieve the anxiety, get us focused, and just plain insist that we relax,  I have decided to declare Friday December 20th, a day to just breathe, step away from the shopping frenzy and get together arguments and just find a way to truly enjoy the holiday season, and if you can’t find something in your neck of the woods (which I doubt) to inspire you, by all means stare at the photos below 🙂 {photo reference please click here and here}

union square san francisco – a holiday treat

This year, being that we are super busy on the weekends, we opted to do our annual traditional holiday dinner and shopping downtown on Monday night instead. So after work, we met up at Union Square and after a few cocktails and a wonderful dinner here, we shopped at Macy of course, then Bloomies, Saks Fifth Avenue, William Sonoma and then took a break with hot chocolate to enjoy Union Square. Thankfully the weather was nice and the ambiance as always unforgettable during this time of the year:  

end of year blues

I think I am starting to feel my usual end of year blues, as I woke up in a cold sweat early Monday morning, freaking out about what’s to come in the next two weeks and all of 2014. The strange thing is, I freak out like this often and then I am calm. Ready to deal, handle, execute and take care of everyone else who will freak out in due course. There are lots to accomplish in 2014 and in a way not enough time to get it all done. I know the major things that will happen for next year, but I also wish I knew how the little things in between, will pan out. In the meantime, I will spend a few sleepless nights, thinking and planning and working on organizing my thoughts and the upcoming life projects, hoping I wouldn’t over analyze. After all, no matter how much I think, it will happen anyway.

three bars and a cafe – san francisco – no 4

The city is bustling with tourists and locals, getting together at bars and restaurants for a holiday gathering. It’s become difficult getting a reservation, unless of course you’ve planned ahead. But even still, here are a few more of my three bars and cafe recommend in the city by the bay: Click on the photo to be redirected