Year: 2013

a heartwarming christmas story – westjet airlines canada

I think like most people, the majority of us have become numb, mostly expecting the worst of things to happen instead of anything positive or good. This is perhaps because of all the news available to us, in full detail. But once in a while, something amazing happens and it should be recognized and embraced, especially during the holidays. I actually cried this morning watching this video and knew I had to share it with everyone.

for the love of a woman – gift ideas

I always think it would be fun for a man to put together a casual ensemble for the love of the woman in his life, 🙂 and even if it’s a mere copy of the one below – the gesture is welcomed: 1. Coat: Joseph Man wool and cashmere-blend USD895 2. Pants: Ben wool-twill pants USD375 3. Sweater: T by Alexander Wang Ribbed cotton-blend sweater USD310 4. Boots: Burberry Shearling-lined leather USD895 6. Bag: Miu Miu Expandable leather tote USD1150 7. Scarf: Burberry Prorsum Polka-dot cashmere and silk-blend USD995 9. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban The Wayfarer USD150 {ensemble reference point, click here}

e-book gift idea for the woman in your life

I am happy to announce, my first novel, Piazza Navona (the correct version) is finally available in e-book. I had trouble with the 1st edition, being that is was the incorrect one uploaded through the distribution company. But now, edition 2 is the final copy and available right now. The book is an ideal gift for any woman over 30, you are considering buying an e-book for or the first download for  their first e-book reading gadget you plan to gift. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Click on the photo to be redirected.

small business shopping day

I’m not a fan of Black Friday and do everything in my power to stay away from the malls for the sake of my safety and those who I love around me. I’m not sure when it all went bad and turned dangerous, but it has and I am going to do everything in my power each year to avoid it. Deeming the entire exercise unnecessary. What I do however find refreshing, is the small business shopping day, set the day after Black friday for all the mom and pop stores, in smaller neighborhoods throughout America, who in my opinion truly deserve more than just a day of shopping to be rewarded. Although I am out-of-town, visiting family, I plan to locate a neighborhood where I am to support a few small businesses and I hope that you do the same.  Happy Holidays!!!