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Culture: Halloween Appetizers and Films

I was in Hawaii last week, and was amazed at how seriously Halloween is taken there. I don’t know what I was thinking – on a romantic tropical island, for Halloween preparation to trump over most everything pleasantly surprised me. So, we must prep here on the mainland and across the world for this growing and very popular holiday by sharing some interesting topics. {featured image source and inspiration for this post}

Halloween Cocktails Better Then Candy

Still a bit under the weather today – had a relapse on my way to recovery on Monday. But nevertheless, I am thinking one of these cocktails will do the trick? You know, to ward off the candy gorging (for adults of course).  Disclaimer: I hope I am clear this topic is only for those over 21. Have a safe celebration with family or friends, or just you alone, testing out the cocktails I’ve shared from here.

Lifestyle: Halloween Is Right Around the Corner And…

There are two occasions in a year I consider to be the most entertaining:  St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween and its fair to say that since the later is just around the corner, I needed to share some interesting facts or fiction or a little bit of both to spark some interest just in case your planning to pass up Halloween.   {featured image – Everything you need to know about hosting a Halloween party}

Sunday Morning Edition – Is Purely for Entertainment

Slow down October! What’s the rush? I mean, I was in a department store the other day and walked past the holiday decor section, only to discover there are now holiday specific sections as follows:   All Halloween items on sale. Thanksgiving in full display and full-price and Christmas on pre-sale.  I had to step back for a moment and jar my memory about what day and month that it was. I don’t really like to shop for Thanksgiving or Christmas in mid to late September but I suppose everyone is doing everything they can to stay competitive with ETSY or otherwise online speciality sites offering up the most unique of decorations and in abundance. Anyway, just figured I’d throw that out there before I share the following:

Halloween For Grown Ups

I know since Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, you’ve all done the partying over the weekend. But just in case, there is a tiny get together over at your place, or one across the street or down further, here are some fun ideas for appetizer and spirits:

Autumn Decor and Halloween

  I realized just yesterday while walking to my car from an appointment and the drive home, that folks have already begun to decorate their homes for Fall/Halloween.  I use / because some of decor has nothing to do with the actual not-so-holiday day. But rather an expression of their joy to welcome the beautiful season upon us – past all the natural disasters of late. Great suggestions to prep your home for the Fall  stock your bar with Fall inspired Liquors and spirits. Insert Fall inspired plants throughout your home and more here Decorating ideas for the front porch and entryways.

Long Weekends and Such…

It’s the first of July already? I can’t believe we’ve completed the first half of the year – what I consider is the planning stages for the rest of the year.  Since Jan-Jun most of us are busy getting through winter, kids in school, college prep, proms, or wedding planning for those with adult children, graduations, and vacation planning. Maybe even scheduling a major reno project for the home, a backyard makeover, or simply a move across the country. We pause for a second for the fourth of July weekend here in the US, and then take off again. Well, by taking off I mean, going on vacation, getting the kids off to college, attend a few weddings, prep for the fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then the potential brutal winters and the Christmas holidays.  A very mundane lifestyle. Anyway, since I am still in the country, I was hoping to drive up to a lake of some sort – Lake Tahoe, Plumas Lake or anywhere  I can be near the water, and enjoy a good …

Halloween Makeup – A Sure Trick or Is it a treat?

Naturally, being in charge of all company parties at my day job, I had to include a Halloween costume contest and lunch for the 200 plus wonderful techy individuals I work with every day. We have three prizes to give away this year for the “most creative” costume, and although I seldom dress up, I am really considering – can you guess which – between these two? {Check out the rest here}

halloween party recipes and treats

Every year, we pot-luck desserts or treats for an office Halloween party and every year I try to be as creative as I can with my dessert of choice. This year, it’s a choice between these four and if you want to know where I found them, click on the photo and it will take you to the recipe link: What’s your favorite recipe?