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Autumn Decor and Halloween


I realized just yesterday while walking to my car from an appointment and the drive home, that folks have already begun to decorate their homes for Fall/Halloween.  I use / because some of decor has nothing to do with the actual not-so-holiday day. But rather an expression of their joy to welcome the beautiful season upon us – past all the natural disasters of late.

DIY your own pumpkins from reclaimed wood – is a smart idea indeed

A true inspiration for a favorite Autumn decor project – or – simply click here to buy the ready made version

Here’s a site that offers up 6 Halloween Party food ideas to consider

Great suggestions to prep your home for the Fall  stock your bar with Fall inspired Liquors and spirits. Insert Fall inspired plants throughout your home and more here

Unique or unusually cool Halloween Decor is always a treat or…is it a trick?

121 Costume Ideas just in case you are having trouble playing the part

Decorating ideas for the front porch and entryways.

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