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Mother’s Day Gifts for 2020

Being that 2020 is a strange year for celebrating, or by now I am certain most of us have found creative ways to celebrate – I share with you my top picks geared for Mother’s Day 2020: Featured image source and full credit. Gift ideas list go here

Fashion: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Or Just For You

You know when you find a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe while really shopping for a gift – in this case for mother’s day. Or How to revamp your mother’s weekend wardrobe – past the sweatpants and T-shirt.  🙂 THIS BLOUSE   THESE PANTS, THAT LOOK, AND THE FASHIONABLE SWEATER THE BACKPACK   FLATS AND MORE FLATS      

Fashion: Sezane – A French Company I Boast About

One of the benefits of travelling to fashion cities is to get a visual of what is trending past the magazines, online and in paper journals.  So while in Paris on this trip, I discovered Sezane, and fell inlove with their jeans, and most everything else on display:

holiday shopping guide: coats for her

It’s almost time for the holiday shopping kick off or at least when you start getting ideas online (or maybe this is a little early). But I couldn’t wait, especially since I fell in love with and bought a camel coat (see below), a color and style I’d been looking for a while. With that, I listed a few other coat ideas I’ve tossed around this year, craving them all. Now I wonder if we are going to get the cold winter weathers here in San Francisco this year? And by cold I mean below 58degrees F. 🙂             (shopping guide and source}

actors: then and now in relation to the woman over 40

Every year around my birthday, I somehow end up looking at photographs of myself and wonder if I’ve aged for the better or not?  If that makes sense to anyone else. This year I decided instead of worrying about how I’ve aged or aging, to shift my attention to some of Hollywood’s iconic celebs who are now in their 40s. Let me know what you think – Have they aged for the better or worse?