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Lifestyle: Anthropologie Not So In Moderation

I walked into Anthropologie at the Stanford Shopping mall yesterday with my jaw dropped, and my eyes lit up at the sight of the most beautiful put together emporium of holiday-ish and other products ready for the best shopping season of the year. I wanted everything, and most of the displays managed to captivate and enchant me in ways I haven’t been strolling though an actual retail establishment. Good for them, I say for materializing a solid vision. So I dug deep to find out which umbrella of retail stores was this particular establishment and discovered the results here.  It’s an interesting read that I will leave you to consider. Otherwise please proceed to the fun stuff below. {featured image and inspiration for blog entry}

Healthy and Beauty – Skin Serum

I have been doing a lot of research lately for the best serum to apply to my skin – in hopes I can preserve the outer layer of my being, just as much as I am doing everything to take care of mind and body. Here’s what I’ve tried so far, and because I am the only person staring at myself in the mirror every day, I cannot for the life of me determine if what I’ve been using so far has worked. For all I know, it’s been doing what it is supposed to because thankfully I’m always told I don’t look my age (whatever that means 🙂 Anyway, here’s what I’ve tried so far for years:  Lancombe, Clinique, Oil of Olay   Here’s what I am contemplating giving a try since from what I have been told and read by facial experts, switching up care products is always a good idea since our skin type changes over time:     I would love to hear your take on any of the serums’s mentioned …

fashion: my style sweaters fall-winter 2014

I adore sweaters and sometimes that’s all you need to spruce up an outfit. In fact, most of the time that’s ALL I need. I’m, how shall I put it, fashionably simple, considering jeans as dress up for most anything. The good thing is, working in the techy world in San Francisco, jeans are welcomed, and being overdressed is not at all necessary. So, jeans always, a T-shirt or a blouse a must, and a sweater is all I need pretty much 7 days a week. Here are my favorites for now – notice the color trend 🙂 {Source}

fashion: in between sweaters

We’ve had strange weather, I’m sure like most other places around the world lately. So, although I’m ready for sweaters, I have in the recent weeks layered mostly to stay in tune with the hourly weather changes in San Francisco. In between sweaters, I call, light sweaters. A perfect fashion piece for us Californians with mild winters. Here are some of my favorites:

mother’s day gift suggestions – For the ralph lauren woman over 40

Mother’s Day celebration is a a touchy subject for me because, I don’t believe in celebrating such an important person in everyone’s life for just one day, that is something you do for birthdays. Mothers need to be appreciated and celebrated throughout the year in so many different ways. But, since we are programmed to take note of our Mothers with a gift and  a brunch, otherwise we wouldn’t fit in, than I say make the gift spactacular and the brunch outside the home to make it all worth while. So, for the next three weeks, I will offer you my suggestions piece by piece, so you can have an array of choices and options to consider while shopping for the Mother/Wife person in your life. First hand, If she is a Ralph Lauren type of woman, then I have detailed below my choice of gifts for her from the designer with varying price range.  If you prefer to shop online, then click here and follow the arrows to your shopping cart.