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New Year’s Eve Inspiration

In between Christmas and end of year, the plans for New Year’s Eve celebration is in full force. Here’s what I am thinking for a formal dinner setting Source Cocktails from here Appetizers Recipe for New Year’s Eve Cake I intend to bake Roast beef is on the NYE menu, with my secret recipe rub. But since I cannot share, here’s a recipe close to the one I intend to make. And for new year’s day – a reset might be in order from here. Have a wonderful celebration, stay safe, drink responsibly and enjoy your company 🙂

Food: Potato Leek Soup

I had the best soup on Sunday. Ordered to-go from a restaurant that specializes in steak and seafood, which I wasn’t craving. So I ordered soup. It wasn’t potato leek as the title suggests. But more potato and cheese, topped with scallion shavings. I savored every spoonful and actually kicked myself for not ordering a second to-go serving. Anyway, in my household, homemade soup has been a hit or a miss. Because I have the worst food critic – my mother – to please while experimenting with a variety of ingredients. 🙂 She cracks me up, because when I serve her dinner at the kitchen table, she takes a minute to prepare her taste buds for what she is about to eat. Then she takes a bite, and from the expression spreading across her face, I can tell if the dish is a success or a complete flop. Long story, short. I have been craving Potato Leek Soup ever since Sunday. So I went out and bought fresh baked artisan bread and ingredients from the …

Food: Valentine’s Day Desserts and Would You Eat Tacos Everyday

So you’ve planned dinner for Valentine’s day but have no idea where to turn for desserts, and sure you’ve considered a ready made alternative, or perhaps discussed a personalized sweets of sorts. But have you considered making your own dessert, and really it doesn’t have to be only for Valentine’s day but for any special date night at home. Here are some of my favorite which are also the easiest to make – for the rest go here: Would you eat Tacos everyday – I would, if it was dinner for one, and I’d try all 42 of these taco recipes – which of course would be on rotation in my kitchen  

Food: Salmon In A Spicy Caraway Sauce

I eat salmon twice a month, and opt for the seafood option in most any restaurant or event I attend. I love seeing how the fish is prepared. Now although I have my simple recipe – with lemons, a little butter, ginger and sea salt, bake it in the over until tenderly done.  I can’t wait to try this spicy caraway tomato sauce:

Food: What Is A Bunuelos Stack You Ask?

I had no idea what Bunuelos was, even though I live in San Francisco and should probably have an idea. But I stumbled upon this wonderful recipe and am very excited to try it this weekend, feeling the need for a treat to bring me out of the funk I am in at the moment (see here). Bunuelos is a cinnamony crunchy stacks of goodies, which remind me of something my mother used to make when I was a child.  Except they were made with pita bread. Same principle but a different take. So enjoy the treat, and actually I love  the idea of the added strawberry ice cream.

recipe: fried apples and toast

This is part of my romantic morning after breakfast series. I hardly order dessert in restaurants and seldom even make them at home. As you see desserts are my weakness. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m in Paris, I do indulge, mostly puff pasty desserts with apples, or chocolate. Minus of course a daily intake of crepe here and there. This recipe stood out for me, not so much because it is a dessert(although it can be used as such), but the fact, its made with apples, cinnamon, raisin and almonds some of my favorites. Anyway, blogger’s rule, I cannot post the entire recipe here so click here to get there:

afternoon tea cake – oh my

I love the idea of afternoon tea and cake, something we don’t do here in the US. What I love the most is this recipe which I cannot wait to try after my road trip. INGREDIENTS | wet 1 cup whole full fat greek yoghurt 1/3 cup of olive oil 1 cup caster sugar zest of one lime 1/4 cup lime juice 2 eggs INGREDIENTS | dry 1 3/4 cups of sifted plain flour 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt pre-heat oven to 180 c / 356 f grease a 22cm springform baking tin [olive oil spray is fine] in a large bowl mix all the wet ingredients until well combined in a separate bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt pour the wet ingredients mixture into the flour, and using a wooden spoon, mix until just combined; being careful not to overwork the batter pour into the baking tin and cook for approx 45-50 mins; the cake is ready when it has browned on top and a skewer inserted into the centre …