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Food: Valentine’s Day Desserts and Would You Eat Tacos Everyday

So you’ve planned dinner for Valentine’s day but have no idea where to turn for desserts, and sure you’ve considered a ready made alternative, or perhaps discussed a personalized sweets of sorts. But have you considered making your own dessert, and really it doesn’t have to be only for Valentine’s day but for any special date night at home. Here are some of my favorite which are also the easiest to make – for the rest go here:

First up – Mini Strawberry Eton Mess

Cherries Jubilee

Mary’s Panna Cotta with Red Wine Syrup

Crispy brownie thins are tastier than the chewy ones – at least for me

free form chocolate candy – add what you like

Would you eat Tacos everyday – I would, if it was dinner for one, and I’d try all 42 of these taco recipes – which of course would be on rotation in my kitchen



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