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Lifestyle: Latest How To Guides I Found Online and My Recent Film Recommends

Over cocktails with friends from out of town, we embarked on several conversations, which I always wish I could simply jot down during the event, so that I could remember the topics as well as share some eye-opening views, which naturally add to my outlook, and get me thinking whether my approach is better than theirs or they truly have valid arguments. I love how invigorating the discussions are, which this time around where based on the following topics.

The everyday anxiety of new parents, something I got a glimpse of during my last trip to England, where I spent a few days with a now stay-at-home co-worker, dealing around the clock with a one year old.

If I were able to, would I learn a new skill? Was a question that came up during out talks about the need to change careers, or the love or hate of our jobs, as well as why is it that we tend to settle for a job to make a living rather than take on a career path in line with our lifestyle?

The art of love-making came up after cocktail number two- where I brought up the point that the porn has reshaped how we have sex and the argument was – it made it better. Do you agree?

The struggles of keeping a relationship alive, or one that you hope keeps on ticking over time and no matter the obstacles. How do you know that it’s over? Or that you should fight for it?

Considering Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and the anxiety over how to make the best of the day, I found this article which lists 13 date ideas for Valentine’s Day.  Do you celebrate or think VD is overrated?

Did you watch the Oscars? And afterwards scrambled to find online the films which won? I did, and found a few I want to watch but until then, here’s what I recommend…

For Valentine’s Day, After on Netflix is a good stay at home and cuddle up with your loved one with popcorn and wine, and chocolate covered fresh strawberries.

Six Underground is a great action film, if you need adrenaline pumping through your veins.

You don’t need to be religious to appreciate the film – The Two Popes or if you’re visiting your elderly parents, this film is a good one to spark a discussion.

Murder Mystery – is a funny version of a genre we can’t seem to get enough.

What films have you seen lately, and what do you recommend? 

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