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Culture: Halloween Appetizers and Films

I was in Hawaii last week, and was amazed at how seriously Halloween is taken there. I don’t know what I was thinking – on a romantic tropical island, for Halloween preparation to trump over most everything pleasantly surprised me. So, we must prep here on the mainland and across the world for this growing and very popular holiday by sharing some interesting topics.

For that office soiree /potluck you volunteered to bring something. There’s 18 healthy alternatives listed here

last minute costume ideas just in case you’ve had a change of heart about dressing up

easiest pumpkin carving ideas for that office contest you are planning to win since they decided to give away an apple store gift card 🙂

I won’t watch scary films – since my imagination seems to take me places I hate to go – being a writer and all and not the dangerous way you might be thinking. But I figured some of you may want to watch a few here and there. Here’s a list from Netflix

And this year’s my choice of costume to the office, where I can remove the collar and let down my hair in case no one else is wearing a costume kind of easy selection 🙂 The how-to is one click away. You’re welcome to those like me kind of self conscious about dressing up but having to – to be a ‘team player’ 

{featured image source and inspiration for this post}

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