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Much To Cover This Week – Where to Start

I’ve purchased a journal – which prompts with questions to write your way to self-discovery. At the time I thought it was a great idea to invest in a paper bound diary of sorts until I realized the questions border line those you answer in an online job application.  Where you are asked to troubleshoot a problem, or explain your weaknesses or strengths and some trick questions embedded in there to determine your state of mind or psychoanalyze your way of thinking. So I wonder if this blank journal with questions for headers is truly meant to help in my self-discovery.  Then again, do I really need to discover any more about myself at this point in my life?

I thought about it long and hard last night, while up staring at the television screen set at the Hallmark channel, reading lips as I had the volume on mute and finally, at four in the morning, decided to play along. Meaning share with you a few of the questions on occasion with my answers, not in great detail, since that may bore you to oblivion, but enough to hopefully get you to open up and share as well, or jot down the questions and answer them in private, if you wish to remain undisclosed.  So here we go…

1. What kind of mentor do you think you’d be? What’s the best advise you’d give someone you’re mentoring? 

I would consider mentoring young women to help them reach their potential without fear, insecurity, or oppression. The best advise I can offer is – believe in your gut always and choose your words wisely. 

2. Why do you think people come to you for help? And what is it usually for? 

Those who come to me for help are usually interested in a second opinion, or need guidance in handling a problem in the least complex way since I have mastered that concept 🙂  

On another note, I picked up this novel at Barnes and Nobles over the weekend, and can’t wait to read it.  Have you read it? What did you think?


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