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Much To Cover This Week – Where to Start

I’ve purchased a journal – which prompts with questions to write your way to self-discovery. At the time I thought it was a great idea to invest in a paper bound diary of sorts until I realized the questions border line those you answer in an online job application.  Where you are asked to troubleshoot a problem, or explain your weaknesses or strengths and some trick questions embedded in there to determine your state of mind or psychoanalyze your way of thinking. So I wonder if this blank journal with questions for headers is truly meant to help in my self-discovery.  Then again, do I really need to discover any more about myself at this point in my life? I thought about it long and hard last night, while up staring at the television screen set at the Hallmark channel, reading lips as I had the volume on mute and finally, at four in the morning, decided to play along. Meaning share with you a few of the questions on occasion with my answers, not …

Sunday Edition – Grab A Cup of Coffee and Read On

Don’t you love it, that over the course of the week you make plans for the weekend, and by the time Saturday rolls around, you find yourself lingering in bed, or even getting a slow start to organizing a breakfast outside of an energy bar, or a fruit or a yogurt you grab on your way out the door every single day of the week? Well, that happened to me on Saturday to the point, I stayed in my pajamas and vegged out. I guess my body needed to recoup from something – perhaps the winter blues – or just the fact, I spent a month away from home in December travelling and haven’t yet recovered. This morning, while sitting perched with my back  against my pillows in bed, tapping on my iPad at a paint-by-numbers app I downloaded, hoping to calm my anxiety, which it does, I started thinking about a few topics – which ironically fit in line with a novel I’ve been  working on in a much slower pace than I care …

e-book gift idea for the woman in your life

I am happy to announce, my first novel, Piazza Navona (the correct version) is finally available in e-book. I had trouble with the 1st edition, being that is was the incorrect one uploaded through the distribution company. But now, edition 2 is the final copy and available right now. The book is an ideal gift for any woman over 30, you are considering buying an e-book for or the first download for  their first e-book reading gadget you plan to gift. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Click on the photo to be redirected.

finding inspiration in all the strange places

One of the most difficult tasks in our lifetime is finding inspiration to do the things we are destined to do. Sure, it’s easier to settle for the norm and go along each day doing what is expected of us, but to actually step away and drive ourselves  to do what we are destined to do, takes alot of courage and inspiration. I’ve known for years that I should have been a writer, but never paid much attention to the signs, instead I routinely did what I was supposed to do, never once feeling fulfilled with my calculated accomplishments. What I did discover in the last couple of years or so, is that, I needed to start paying attention to the signs and accept every thing that happens in my life as a form of inspiration to drive me closer to where I am destined to be.  All I needed was to  pay attention.