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Sunday Edition – Grab A Cup of Coffee and Read On

Don’t you love it, that over the course of the week you make plans for the weekend, and by the time Saturday rolls around, you find yourself lingering in bed, or even getting a slow start to organizing a breakfast outside of an energy bar, or a fruit or a yogurt you grab on your way out the door every single day of the week? Well, that happened to me on Saturday to the point, I stayed in my pajamas and vegged out. I guess my body needed to recoup from something – perhaps the winter blues – or just the fact, I spent a month away from home in December travelling and haven’t yet recovered.

This morning, while sitting perched with my back  against my pillows in bed, tapping on my iPad at a paint-by-numbers app I downloaded, hoping to calm my anxiety, which it does, I started thinking about a few topics – which ironically fit in line with a novel I’ve been  working on in a much slower pace than I care to admit.

Enjoy? Or better yet, feel free to drop your opinion or some funny things you’ve experienced over this weekend.

There is always someone saying – he/she was the one from the moment I set my eyes on him/her – and I don’t know about you, but I have trouble believing in that thinking. How can someone  know the person they just met, who at first glance, is typically a physical attraction, be the one from the first second whom you want to share the rest of your life with?  I am a believer that  time spent with a person is the only way to know he/she is the right person. But even then if there is any doubt, consider clicking here…

Do you do this? Press buttons in elevators, and street crossings hoping to expedite the process. Well, apparently we are all part of a joke? Read on…

As I write my novels, I am more focused on helping my readers escape into a wonderful story then perfecting punctuation . Because I’ve read books with the perfectly dotted i-s and crossed out T-s but for the life of me wondered how such a story made it to the bestseller list? So you can imagine why this article – THIS IS WHAT A GREAT BOOK DOES TO YOUR BRAIN stood out for me this morning, enough to share here

I am taking a survey – would you prefer a story that is based in a small romantic town or a famous metropolitan city? Because I don’t know about you, but I have considered St Moritz an ideal place – if not for printed story, then for sure a perfect Valentine’s weekend getaway

Since my recent storyline revolves around a single dad, this photograph attached to an article, at first glance nearly gave me a heart attack – but as the saying goes – don’t judge the story by the (normally the cover) photograph – click on

{featured image source}

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