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Sunday Edition – Grab A Cup of Coffee and Read On

Don’t you love it, that over the course of the week you make plans for the weekend, and by the time Saturday rolls around, you find yourself lingering in bed, or even getting a slow start to organizing a breakfast outside of an energy bar, or a fruit or a yogurt you grab on your way out the door every single day of the week? Well, that happened to me on Saturday to the point, I stayed in my pajamas and vegged out. I guess my body needed to recoup from something – perhaps the winter blues – or just the fact, I spent a month away from home in December travelling and haven’t yet recovered. This morning, while sitting perched with my back  against my pillows in bed, tapping on my iPad at a paint-by-numbers app I downloaded, hoping to calm my anxiety, which it does, I started thinking about a few topics – which ironically fit in line with a novel I’ve been  working on in a much slower pace than I care …

Around the World – In Soccer That Is

I feel as though the World Cup 2018 snuck up on me this year – I suppose since having been away for a few weeks, I think I’ve lost track of all sorts of events.  But nevertheless, I have established who I want to see win this year – but for the moment I will keep it to myself. So, I figured if you are a fan of soccer or the true football (outside the U.S) that you might enjoy these amazing shots of all things football:

Travel: In Search of the Northern Lights

I have a bucket list I feel I may not be able to complete by the time I am 75 or 80. Which, in my mind, is the limit to pushing the limits. Unless of course, I create a more ‘mature’ bucket list for 75 and beyond –  first thing to add to that list is dancing on the Seine River Bank from Jun-Aug every year (I laugh picturing myself doing that in my old age). Until then, one of the items I have on the bucket list is to see the Northern Lights– maybe from a plane, if that is even possible, and hopefully from the ground which is most doable. I just need to hunker down and plan that trip. Check out this video. {photo credit}  

Amazing Subterranean Architecture

I’ve always been fascinated by architecture, and spend many hours in a week walking about the city, checking on all the newly erected buildings and renovations taking places South of Market Street. Also of course the neighborhoods turning old facade homes into works of art. I’ve never however seen a subterranean architecture, and according to Architectural Digest here are 10 to marvel over.  

photography: rome behind the scenes

I know I am going to regret not going to Rome this year, since I do every year, but plans are a little different and my usual trip abroad will consist of a few surprise destinations.  Until then I want to share with you this amazing article I found online, about photography and Rome. Two of my favorite hobbies. The interesting thing is I know exactly where the photos were taken, even the one below: {photo and article credit click here}

a week in a nutshell – january 2015

Last weekend I embarked on a cross-country drive to help a friend move to Nebraska. It was a challenging drive since we there were pockets of heavy snow, some ice and rain along the way. Finally we got to her new place, and there was no internet. So I haven’t been able to online. Anyway, it was nice to see other states, or drive through them, just to get an idea of what this country is about. For the next few days I will be helping her decide where her furniture will go, and then I am on my way back to San Francisco. I miss the city, and my day to day there. Until then, here are some photos I took along the way. Not sure if you are interested.  

photography: napa wineries overcast

As I drove along the windy road aiming to get to the wineries on Sunday, I was a little disappointed when I noticed it was raining. This reaction is of course expected, since we don’t usually get rain in the bay area in the so called summer months and second, why did it happen on the one day I decided to go to the wineries trying to escape the dreary foggy/muggy weather in San Francisco. I know, I’m acting like a brat. Anyway, I realized after parking my car that the colors from the gray skies to the green of the vines to the neutral tones of the dirt with colorful flowers here and there made for amazing photographs, so I snapped what I felt needed capturing. Monet, Picasso and Manet to name a few would have been proud of me. Here’s a few I want to share and ask that you not borrow the photographs without my consent please. Thank you and enjoy. {Photographs are the property of rawsilkandsaffron and may not be copied, …

connecting history to present day in photography

I love history. Without it we are a doomed society and although I do my part to preserve and respect all things historical, understanding that’s what defines civilization, it’s not enough. Everyone needs to do their part or else the future is more bleak than suggested at this day in time. Okay. I’m done standing on a soap box 🙂 – On a much lighter note, here are some amazing photographs expressing our connection to the past. Click here to see the rest of the photographs