A Day Well Spent – Disconnected From Everything

I’m back from my day off and I gotta tell you – it feels amazing to just disconnect and take a drive to Napa – and simply soak it up. The weather was amazing yesterday in and around the bay area and the visual the most inspiring and surreal. Of course the best of cuisine and wine added to the best day I’ve had in months.

I’ll see you next year my lovelies
the horizon at dusk – Sonoma
My love affair with brick buildings covered in Ivy
Bouchon Bakery Yountville is always my frist stop
reminders of Italy
Ottimo again –
Ottimo – best store decor I couldn’t stop bragging about
Simply a door but a door not to simple – Ottimo – in Yountville
Domaine Carneros – for a sip of bubbly and local farmed goods
Loved this display of festivity Jacuzzi Winery



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Everyone is entitled to an opinion, it’s what you do with it that counts the most. I choose to share the beauty of what the world offers to maintain a positive outlook and live a fulfilling life. That's my take.

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