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Decor: The Elegance of Black and White

I walked into a hotel once in Madrid and my jaw dropped at the most beautiful black and white decor you can imagine. It was a newly renovated property which had their grand opening the week we were there so everything seemed too perfect and perfectly in place. The service impeccable, the entire place smelled of new paint and freshly pressed linens. The trouble is – it was so long ago, I cannot find or remember the name of the property. So sorry about that.

But, although I loved the decor, I never considered incorporating the black and white colors in my home until I saw these effortless, yes effortless is the best way to describe playing with the color black in decor, ideas.

Beautiful black and white duplex home – small space perfection

In bathrooms – for guests or the en suite, black and white seems to work just fine

Monique Gibson’s New York City Apartment is tastefully black and white

Scandinavian approach to black and white

Floors and walls

It’s as if I museum oil painting – how beautiful the application

What do you think? Black and white, or you dream of all colors incorporated into your home?

{featured image and inspiration for this post}

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