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Long Weekends and Such…

It’s the first of July already? I can’t believe we’ve completed the first half of the year – what I consider is the planning stages for the rest of the year.  Since Jan-Jun most of us are busy getting through winter, kids in school, college prep, proms, or wedding planning for those with adult children, graduations, and vacation planning. Maybe even scheduling a major reno project for the home, a backyard makeover, or simply a move across the country.

We pause for a second for the fourth of July weekend here in the US, and then take off again. Well, by taking off I mean, going on vacation, getting the kids off to college, attend a few weddings, prep for the fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then the potential brutal winters and the Christmas holidays.  A very mundane lifestyle.

Anyway, since I am still in the country, I was hoping to drive up to a lake of some sort – Lake Tahoe, Plumas Lake or anywhere  I can be near the water, and enjoy a good old-fashioned picnic-barbecue. But the 107 plus temps projected for  this weekend plus some fires I have already begun to smell while outdoors, dictates otherwise, forcing me  to stay indoors, mostly napping, eating popsicles in variation, and drinking margaritas.  Only going outdoors in the  early morning hours, after spraying myself down with mosquito repellent naturally, and enjoying some fresh morning air. Not my ideal of a good July 4th weekend, but I suppose it’s better than being in the city with the gloomy fog, blankets and winter coats, for it’s in the 50’s 150 miles away and very cold…

There you have it my friends. Happy 4th. And oh…what are you doing this July 4th weekend?  Do tell so I can live vicariously through you.

BTW:  I have never seen the fireworks as clearly as detailed in this photograph on any given 4th of July.


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