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Been Away Much Too Long

I took a week away from everything to regroup. Well, actually to watch my good friend’s dogs while she went on vacation. I decided while placed out in the country, to take a break from all things writing, and online whatever we do day in and day out to pass the time.

Before she left on her trip, she told me how badly she wanted to revamp her office space, and so I took it upon myself to give her the surprise of doing just that.

The remainder of the time, I played with her beautiful doggies, made-from-scratch dinners, organized her book collection in alphabetical order, experienced Game of Thrones withdrawals, and simply vegged out, avoiding, as I stated earlier, everything online.

You know what? Although it felt great to be away from it all,  living a much simpler life for a few days, I missed my blog and my writings so much that here I am  sharing with you some ideas for the 1) 4th of July celebrations,. 2)what is the one thing I miss in 107degree temps 3)thinking how best to pack for my annual trip to Europe 4)printed this visual for my friend and attached it in her linen closet, she laughed. 5)why do I crave potatoes in the heat?


This site is amazing with fourth of July recipes. My favorite the red-white-blue watermelon salad


I call this visual therapy – Waiting for my vacation to Italy


How To Travel With just a carry-on. Which is something I am considering for this trip to Italy

{click here for the luggage I am this close to buying}


Helpful hints on keeping your linen closet in check


strangest cravings for me in 107 degree temperatures out in the country

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