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Lifestyle: Don’t Let Life Pass You By

The night before my birthday I tend to stay up. Not because I want to, but it just happens. I suppose to somehow see where I was a year ago and where I am now, and where I plan or see my self being in the next year.

At four in the morning I read an article online titled How To Ruin Your Life Without Even Noticing and read it through. I realized that the article was intended for a much younger crowd. Those just starting out their lives, about to embark on their careers, considering getting married, having kids and all things someone under the age of 40 is programmed  to do.

The article talks about how we allow the things we do make us very unhappy, whether we aim to do so or it just happens. And although the article is meant for the under 40 really, I realized I can surely remind myself of some of the things I do to create unhappiness. Here are a few of my favorite observations:

USA. New York City. 1963.

USA. New York City. 1963.

You Ruin Your Life  by Letting Your Past Govern It: I am surrounded by these types of people, and thankfully I have to admit I do not allow my past to govern my entire life as much as I hope that I don’t. I always look forward, think forward, and act forward. I have always believed that if I looked back on anything, I would end up losing out on life itself.

You Ruin Your Life When You Compare Yours to Others:  I do occasionally find myself doing this, especially to other successful writers and bloggers, and then I catch myself and decide to spend the time wisely, and be grateful for where I am today. Patience pays off, determination will get you the success you aim to achieve. 

You ruin your life by desensitizing yourself. This I found to be a serious drawback for anyone, who is entitled to their opinion, outlook and expression and yet the more civilized we have become, the less tolerant we are of anyone speaking up, or voicing opinion. Someone is always out there deciding how it is we all need to act. Hence we become desensitized to cope. Not an excuse but a fact of survival. 

You ruin your life by tolerating it. My favorite by far. I know way too many folk who do nothing but settle and complain about their lives, and do nothing to make it better. Or taking a step back to just appreciate life in itself and embrace all the beauty that still exists even in this corrupt and on the brink of destruction world of ours. You are put on this earth to do your part to live the best life you can… 

Do you have any suggestions you’d like to share?

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