Food: Cakes For Easter or Just Cakes

I am an awful daughter – I didn’t realize it was Palm Sunday yesterday when a few days before my mother asked me to take her to church and I danced around the idea. Still feeling a bit under the weather, I told her I needed more (bed) rest and she graciously nodded without any mention of the religious holiday. But in all reality. Where has time gone? We are midway through April, and although I have a full calendar for the rest of the year, I cannot grasp the idea that the first quarter of the year is done with.

Anyway, I promised her church this coming Sunday, which is Easter, and in the middle of it, offered up a cake I wish to make for her from this list of many. The trouble is – I can’t decide which one. I am a fan of carrot cake but that olive oil cake with…. is currently in the lead.

Angel cake with three berries
cheese cake with amaretto crust
classic carrot cake
Coconut cake with passion fruit filling
cornmeal almond cake with strawberries and marscapone
Olive oil, with honey yogurt cream and strawberries – WINNER SO FAR
Honey Cake with Citrus

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