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Weekend Thoughts

What are you doing this weekend – is a question most of us ask in text form, or on a call with someone and even through a slack channel at work.

So I thought I might ask here – what are you doing this weekend?

The sun has finally decided to burst through the heavy fog along the coast of San Francisco and I am excited to report that I am actually going to spend some time walking through Golden Gate Park – without a coat and hat on and even gloves during our so called ‘summer months’

I am also going to try a new twist on chicken from a recipe here.

And this cake – oh my how delicious it all sounds.

Full credit here

Also on the list of weekend to-dos is read this novel I’ve picked up in Sonoma at my favorite tiny bookstore.

I’ll be dreaming about a trip to Ireland – someday, when all is safe and sound and masks are hopefully a thing of the past.

Photo by Bhargava Marripati on

Do you ever see a product and think, I have to have it?

source here

The other day I saw an ad for a FX crime stories season 3 – which will air on September 7 in the US. Not sure how it works across the world. But it’s the story of Clinton and his infamous ‘not’ affair with Monica Lewinsky. I had the commercial on mute and instantly jumped up when I recognized the talented Clive Owen portraying Clinton. Guess what I’ll be doing on September 7th?

What are you doing over the weekend?

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