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Weekend Thoughts

What are you doing this weekend – is a question most of us ask in text form, or on a call with someone and even through a slack channel at work. So I thought I might ask here – what are you doing this weekend? The sun has finally decided to burst through the heavy fog along the coast of San Francisco and I am excited to report that I am actually going to spend some time walking through Golden Gate Park – without a coat and hat on and even gloves during our so called ‘summer months’ I am also going to try a new twist on chicken from a recipe here. And this cake – oh my how delicious it all sounds. Also on the list of weekend to-dos is read this novel I’ve picked up in Sonoma at my favorite tiny bookstore. I’ll be dreaming about a trip to Ireland – someday, when all is safe and sound and masks are hopefully a thing of the past. Do you ever see a …

london, england – day 5

London, on this trip was a pit stop. Not really a place I was particularly  interested in visiting, since it’s one of those cities, if I’ve seen it once, it’s crossed off my bucket list. Sorry if I am offending anyone. I prefer the countryside in the UK, not so much a congested city. Anyway, we arrived on a Saturday evening and after dinner settled in early and watched the Big Bang Theory. I think Sheldon and I were separated at birth. Sunday morning, we took our time getting ready and walked out of our hotel, utterly surprised. London was experiencing, some sort of heat wave and the streets were overly crowded. Then it dawned on me, every local was off work, enjoying the heat and being outdoors. Which made it nearly impossible for the tourists to be out and about, even during slow travel season (or maybe not). We walked for miles, me, worrying mostly at attempting to take the underground or even the over ground transportation, since it felt as though people were hanging out of …

classic actors in common, from my point of view

I am a movie fanatic and a complete junky of the entertainment world. What can I say, now you all know my weaknesses 🙂 So, as a child,  when I got introduced to film, I began to envy my mother’s generation, because of all the gentlemanly leading men in cinema. I secretly fell in love with a few of them even though they were old enough to be my father or grandfather. When  I was in my 20’s and 30’s, it seemed as if  there was a gap in the entertainment industry as far as having “gentlemenly” leading men. I just didn’t think anyone could step up to the plate to those from the classic Hollywood film era. But in the last decade or so I have discovered that, I too have reached a point in life, where I can honestly say I am proud to have known  a few classic and “gentlemenly” actors  from  my generation. Here is the list ladies and gentlemen, let me know what you think?