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london, england – day 5

London, on this trip was a pit stop. Not really a place I was particularly  interested in visiting, since it’s one of those cities, if I’ve seen it once, it’s crossed off my bucket list. Sorry if I am offending anyone. I prefer the countryside in the UK, not so much a congested city.

Anyway, we arrived on a Saturday evening and after dinner settled in early and watched the Big Bang Theory. I think Sheldon and I were separated at birth.

Sunday morning, we took our time getting ready and walked out of our hotel, utterly surprised. London was experiencing, some sort of heat wave and the streets were overly crowded. Then it dawned on me, every local was off work, enjoying the heat and being outdoors. Which made it nearly impossible for the tourists to be out and about, even during slow travel season (or maybe not).

We walked for miles, me, worrying mostly at attempting to take the underground or even the over ground transportation, since it felt as though people were hanging out of the busses – packed like sardines. After walking for eight hours, we returned to our hotel rooms, ordered room service and crashed, sleeping for hours on end.

Let’s try this again on Monday – shall we? In the meantime, all the photos I’ve taken, I feel as though I need to apply an antique look to them 🙂




{photos are the property of rawsilkandsaffron. Please ask before you borrow – thanks very much}

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