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TV Show Recommend

What are you watching on television these days?

I normally list a handful of film recommends here for consideration or my recommendation. But The Chair requires a post of its own.

Best show I stumbled upon on Netflix two nights ago was The Chair. And sadly with only six episodes (for season 1 – here’s to hoping for more) the series managed to deliver a wonderfully written story based around so many modern day topics.

With a great cast, and perfect storytelling, we are introduced to…

Single-mother attempting to do it all on her own for an adopted child who naturally hates her. Empty-nester syndrome. University life not so much based around the students (yet) but more of the faculty challenges in keeping up with the times. Power struggles as always in any story. There’s Color issues, gender issues and much more introduced in every 30-minute episode. I could not ask for a better distraction right about now.

Thank you Amanda Peet! Can’t wait for season 2 (hopefully)

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