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Virtual Travel To Ireland

Do you select a film to watch based on location?

Let me clarify.

I understand selecting a movie to watch is normally based upon genre, actors as well as the story line. But do you ever search for films based on location?

I do and last night it was all about Ireland.

You see, I haven’t been to Ireland and it is one destination that I put on my list of destinations to visit in 2020. And we know what happened to the world as we once knew it. So until I feel safe enough to travel, films on location will simply have to do.

Finding You – based on a novel by Jenny B Jones is certainly worth seeing for a virtual tour of some of the most beautiful countryside in Ireland. I found myself swooning over the breathtaking scenery and the small towns along the way. The storyline was also interesting as it touched upon connections between generations and the ways of thinking and living. Shattered dreams, broken hearts, funny moments and some laughter. But mostly it was about the scenery and the change to escape somewhere far away.

I actually wanted to watch it again after it was over and perhaps I may just do that tonight.

Here’s a list of filming locations in Ireland: In and around Dublin, Clare, Offaly, Kildare, Cooley and Carlingford, Co. in case you are interested.

Photo by Kelly L on

With that said, one B&B they used in the film, Greenfield House B&B Maynooth is now on my list of places to stay. Mostly for the breakfast room 🙂

In case you are wanderlusting about Ireland and not able to travel, I have added a few rom-coms filmed in the very location.

details here
details here
details here

What is your favorite film and location?

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