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Staying in Touch…Professionally

After an hour’s conversation last night with my previous manager, I felt much better about myself. Naturally, this beckoned me to pose several questions here.

Do you stay in touch with a previous boss? Or a co-worker who isn’t technically a friend, but rather someone you stay in touch with. Not via social media, but where a call is initiated and verbal conversations are had.

Who initiates the staying in touch? You or them?

What are the conversations about? Catching up or serious topics about your profession?

Do you find yourself opening up, or simply keeping appearances?

Do you end the call, thinking perhaps you should not have said that?

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As the tables are turned or while I wear the shoe on the other foot…as a boss, I have to admit that I stay in touch with members of my staff. Mostly to catch up, discuss a bit about their job, my job and share a few laughs about our time together.

I don’t mind if they share too much or not enough. But I do mind if the conversation is superficial or one with a purpose. I like to keep things lite, safe, friendly and mindful. I also know that when I decide to stay in touch, it means forever…

Any thoughts?

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