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Three Netflix Series I Recommend

If you haven’t already seen the three Netflix series I am about to list here, then please consider to add them to your list of shows to see now if you have nothing better to do, or after the holiday frenzy in your household and beyond:

First up, for the history buff or someone who simply is intrigued by the royal family – the one in England of course. The Crown is a pretty solid series so far – season 1 – in telling the story of how Queen Elizabeth came to be. Her younger days when she learns how to…uh hmm.. “Queen”  as her husband, Philip Duke of Edinburgh so eloquently puts in one of the episodes.


Second, Medici: The masters of Florence – a newly released series in the US on Netflix is certainly worth every penny past episode 1 in detailing the life and times of the Medici family and their mafia-like influence over Florence at the tail end of the Renaissance era. A power drama, with an outstanding cast surely delivering the best theatrical-like performance I’ve seen in a while.


And last, The Last Kingdom, season 1 – in my opinion sets the record straight if compared to the The Game of Thrones lightly referencing historical facts or not. I greatly enjoyed the raw version of the storytelling.  I am also hoping there would be a  season two on this one, but apparently Netflix is making the effort to pic up the show where the previous team abandoned.


For more on films and upcoming entertainment news, you can follow my other blog here and until then do share feedback on the shows if you’ve seen them.


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