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Culture: Who’s Your Celebrity In-Character Crush

I thought about this topic a few days ago, when I decided to watch ‘You’ve Got Mail’, (for the millionth time) to help me get out of the funk I was in, and also to do character study for my novel. And it did, giggling, tearing up, beaming, and feeling over the moon about the idea of two people, who cross paths on a daily basis, end up falling in-love in the most peculiar of way, over the internet/and kind of in person. Realizing the influence of certain actors in character have over us.

Like Tom Hanks as Joe Fox in the film ‘You’ve Got Mail.” I adored him, even the cocky persona, which was really a mechanism to protect himself

The uncanny portrayal of Matt Smith’s version (Season 1 and 2 The Crown) of Prince Philip left a lasting impression on me since I’ve always been drawn to the royal, even as a little girl, only imagining how he must of been.

Well Hugh Bonneville – need I say more?

Mathew Goode as Deacon in Leap Year, I have to say takes a girl back to her study abroad years – conjuring up romantic stories that never took place with men, a shy girl only dreamt up.

Domhnall Gleeson’s character in Goodbye Christopher Robins tugged at my heart, and brought to light parts of my childhood I probably would have never reflected upon-to much pain.

And finally – don’t ask why but if I were put in a Hallmark film or a Christmas story set in Vermont, I’d want Jude Law’s character Graham to be my co-star, shy, a little sheepish, and very charming, in glasses, and with those perfect crystal-sparkly eyes, and the accent.

Who’s your celebrity-in character crush? 

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  1. OMGosh, Haha I love this. Thumbs up on all your crushes! I have been crushing hard on Outlander character Jamie Fraser played by Sam Heughan.

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