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Decor: A Few Good Ideas For A Quick Refresh

Usually around the holidays we tend to panic, mostly women, about needing to refresh the home decor. And although husbands disagree, then do give in, and embark on a major renovation project, just before, or opt for small changes. If small is your idea, then consider these options:

Create an office that feels like an escape to a far away destination, in my case Parisian flare

Consider bold colors in your hallway, or corridor and a throw rug that plays on those colors.

Mix your time periods is my motto for the perfect decor update

Combine your favorite design style

Play with texture

consider shiplap in that guest bedroom to add a unique boutique hotel feel

And finally practice in a small space before you paint, even a slab of 2×4 from Home Depot will suffice and then drive your husband mad with the options 🙂 

{featured image source and inspiration for this post}


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