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a uniquely secret garden in california

The Summer months are the toughest time for me to stay inspired, since the weather is not the best in San Francisco to uplift my spirits. I stay indoors a lot and often spend countless hours daydreaming of places to visit with sun and warm weather, restlessly needing to get away. Of course having been a travel agent at one point in my career, adds to my distress since I find myself searching online, while bundled up in sweat pants and a sweater, information about travel. One particular story caught my attention recently, enlightening me naturally since I had no idea it existed. But apparently there is a secret garden worth seeing nestled in Fresno, California, a place most of us locals don’t consider a vacation spot. It’s called Forestiere Gardens. Please click here to read the article and see photo credits. I think I just added Fresno to my list of things to do in California.



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