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starting the new year in muir woods

By the 31st of December, I was completely restless, sentimental and somewhat anxious for the day to end. I honestly can’t pint point the why behind the way I felt, but I just did. So with champagne toast in hand at almost midnight, I did my normal countdown to (now)  with Ryan Seacrest in New York and then after watching the after party show, I went to sleep After sleeping in on New Year’s day and then driving home in heavy traffic, back to San Francisco, I decided that if the weather permitted, I would  spend  day two of the new year somewhere outdoors. So, of course on January 2nd, when  I saw the sun shining  and the weather  unusually warm  for the season, we got in the car and drove up to  Muir Woods, just 40 miles or so North of San Francisco and spend the day walking about the beautiful redwoods, while my friends and I contemplated how we foresee the new year to be. Actually, while they talked, I took photographs. Check …

romantic vacation recommend: isle of capri, italy

Most of my previous travels are to the main cities or towns within a country in Europe. But a few years back, when I ventured towards the Southern tip of Italy (the booth) I decided to take a ferry to the island of Capri. I must admit I wasn’t disappointed with the choice, even though the ferry schedule a bit unreliable and the frequency less than desirable, the trip was well worth it. The way it works is, after disembarking the ferry from Napoli, you have to take a taxi or a bus up to the top ( Alta Capri). This is where the main town square is and most of the civilization on the island. I did get a bit sick because of the altitude or maybe because of my fear of heights, but every where I looked there was the most beautiful view anyone can imagine. We stayed 3 nights 4 days and because the best way to see a place is by walking. We walked one entire day around the island, actually …

outdoor sitting french style

This is going to be my first summer without a backyard. After selling our house in the country, we traded in a grand backyard with a pool and garden for a view of the Pacific Ocean. Not a bad trade off. But I vowed I would not write about outdoor spaces, patio furniture or backyard get togethers until I worked the entire experience out of my system. But knowing me and the need to talk outdoors, I had to include some of my favorite photos of French country backyards and furniture.

springtime in san francisco

On Sunday when I went for my usual walk, I realized that the reason I appreciate Springtime in San Francisco so much, is because we usually miss out on a traditional  Summer in the city due to the heavy fog and cold weather. Springtime in the city, is the only time, we actually experience  warm weather while the days are getting longer. I know we also have, what is famously known as Indian Summer in the Fall, here , but since Fall is normally a prelude to Winter, the days are shorter, so the feeling is not the same psychologically, if you know what I mean? Anyway,  yesterday with Camera in hand, I took some photos of  the first signs of Spring around the city by the bay. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy Monday everyone!

inspiration: outdoor special occasion table setting

Call me crazy but I am ready for Spring, although it isn’t officially Spring until around March 22nd, I am ready for it right now. So, as I feel my stress level escalating to code orange from being cooped up indoors most of the day, I have decided to turn to my collection of outdoor special occasion table setting photos  to put a smile back on my face and give me a moment to daydream about Springtime. If you feel like I do today, find something that inspires you  and take a moment to escape mentally.

all things tuscany, italia

Earlier this year, I can actually start saying that now since we are in February, I had stated that I normally pick a country to vacation in and end up writing everything about it until I drive myself and my readers (probably) crazy. Well except for one of my good friends here, I know she doesn’t  get sick of Italy or all things Italian no matter what. So here’s to my friend and to Italy (cross fingers and hope I can go there this year), I have included photos of Tuscany to hold me over until I can make my vacation plans into a reality.   Have a great weekend everyone!

boutique hotel pick – grand hotel tremezzo – lake como, italy

Every year, I pick a destination (mostly in Europe) and run with it. This year it is Italy, so you will be hearing alot about Italy in the upcoming months from travel to fashion to food and wine and photos of where I have been and where I have yet to discover.  In addition, I will share with you, hotels throughout Italy which I love, or have stayed at and some I wish to stay in the very near future. So, here we go 😉 Second hotel pick for 2011, is the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como (area) Italy. I first heard about this property through a professor at San Francisco State University, long, long time ago and of course I jotted it down in my journal for future use. Later on when I developed a crush on George Clooney and discovered he purchased a villa in Lake Como, I decided it was time for me to go there and check out the destination and while I was at it, to check out the …

hotel pick – petit ermitage – los angeles

Los Angeles is my playground and I frequent this particular destination about six to seven times a year. The fun thing about Los Angeles is that, you can never get bored, I mean while looking to  experience something new and different – such as a  hotel or a restaurant or a cafe, even designer boutiques and beauty salons. It is forever changing and just when you think you have a list of your favorites down, think again, the next time you visit, it may not be there or better yet, it has been revamped, redone or remastered just to entice  the visitors and locals alike. So, in light of this wonderful entry, I have included a bohemian themed boutique hotel so nicely named, in my opinion, Petit Ermitage located in West Hollywood.  A great escape from all the norms of hotel luxury. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

photography inspired must have books

Coffee table books and one’s used throughout the home as inspiration for cooking, daydreaming and falling asleep to is a must in any home. Collecting the right one’s sometimes may be difficult for some and finding the best one’s is most rewarding for the addicts. I happen to be the addict and love to have stacks of  oversized hardcover books all throughout my home.  I normally settle for museum themed ones, or black and  white photography of mostly European cities and some vintage items as well.  So, I was happy to have come across PARIS TANGO by photographer Carla Coulson and wanted to share it with my readers just incase they are in the market for collectible coffee table books or just a gift idea for Christmas. The theme of PARIS TANGO is described as follows: Published by Penguin, “Paris Tango” is a portrait of the City of Lights as you have never seen it before. From the African street markets of Chateau Rouge to the penthouse suite of the Paris Ritz, Coulson and her camera …

admiring restoration hardware

For a few months now I have stayed away from most things pertaining to  the home, mainly because I just sold mine and also because I am what one may call “in transition” with my life. But about a week ago I walked into a Restoration Hardware store because even though I desperately tried to walk by without looking, I couldn’t help succumb to the new theme from within the store, enticing my curiosity. Not sure if most of my readers are familiar with the store, so I have included a link here just to set the stage for you.  Anyway, I walked into the store or “the gallery” I should say and to my amazement, it had transformed into the most exquisite and delectable and almost museum like display of the most wonderful, classic and in a unique way functional pieces ever put together for the consumer’s viewing pleasure. Well done Restoration Hardware! After picking up a catalog and pointing out the wonderful pieces to my brother as we circled the store, I came home …